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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The trailer looks intriguing, I might grab that after I'm done with the Mass Effect Legendary because I currently don't have a game I'm dead cert playing next.
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  2. I think you'd probably like it! Even if it's nothing alike gameplay-wise, it actually reminds me of Mass Effect a bit, because of the intriguing sci-fi setting and the focus in character interactions. The whole exploring an uninhabited planet aspect reminds me a bit of Andromeda too.
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  3. Decided to do Helms Deep in Hard Mode.
    The Uruks when they see me coming
  4. Rogue Legacy 2 is a really cute girl, they really built on the first one perfectly.
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  5. Has anyone finished Elden Ring with Ranni’s ending?

    I was quite sure she was the good guy and was planning of an age without outer gods but her last words were very shady.

    I am clowning myself for caring about the story of a From Software game but i actually really liked the bits i pieced together from the lore so i was a bit blindsided by her ending dialogue
  6. I finished it tonight and honestly... I think it turned out to be one of my favourite indie games ever. Been a while since I was this invested in a game's characters/story/world and sad when it was over, it's just really special. The protagonists and their dynamic as a couple that's been together for years (something you pretty much never see in videogames) are just perfect, both when it came to the more lighthearted moments and the more serious ones, and the setting/lore was so interesting, I really would love to see more games in this universe, as unlikely as that might be. I don't usually replay games (well, aside for ones designed to be played multiple times nn) but lowkey feeling like giving it another go but with the female protagonists this time one of these days.
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  7. I'm only a couple of hours in with Ghost of Tsushima, but honestly... wig. The combat is so good, and feels challenging but still fair.

    I'm not the biggest fan of open worlds, but who could complain about traveling across a landscape like this.
  8. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is that bitch and I kind of don't want it to end. The gameplay loop is just so addictive. However, the only characters I like is the boss of the talent agency and Eleonara, the mixed girl. Everybody else is bland.
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  9. Absolutely wild how fast you can slam through Elden Ring on a New Game+. Not a knock at all to the game; it's just interesting how big of the time spent the first time is built around player skill improvement. It's also so incredible how wide-open the level design is. Specific dungeons I spent hours on the first time, I completed in an entirely different way on NG+.

    My first playthrough was almost exactly 50 hours (all demigods/major dungeons), and I'm doing another run for Ranni's playthrough and am at 9 hours and am about to enter the final dungeon.

    Just a stunning, stunning game all around.
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  10. In news that will shock no one.
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  12. ITS REAL
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  13. I regrettably never played the sequels (I guess I still could since I do have an old PS2 in my closet) and the third looks a bit eh, but the first game was one of my favorite JRGPs on the PS2. So unique, such good art, incredible atmosphere, entertaining story. I would love a new entry.
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  14. I never played the first one myself, but I loved the two sequels. I'm not sure if it's realistic to expect a new title at this point, but I'd really love for the trilogy to be made available as part of the new PS+ tiers ar least (or better yet, remastered).
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  15. That would be dope too. Then I could play the sequels without hooking an SD console to my high definition TV. If you ever can find a reasonable way to play it, I really recommend the original. It's the most gothic out of the three, so stands out because of that, even if the gameplay is not as refined as the sequels.
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  16. One more week of teaching and then I can spend whole days playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I still have my 100 consecutive JRPG goal (and then I will probably decompress with platformers, my second favorite genre) but I decided not to put a time limit on it. Most people would probably find playing that many in a row exhausting, but I'm autistic, so it appeals to my need for repetition and familiarity lol.

    I was thinking of playing Bravely Default 2 but I also want to put my PS4 to use. Decisions, decisions. Octopath Traveler also looks cool but I'm not sure I'm in the head space for that level of punishment at the moment. It looks so hard whereas Bravely Default 2 looks like a more reasonable challenge.
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  17. I finished Elden Ring and don’t know what to do next. I’m…sad nn.
  18. You have it backwards, because Bravely Default 2 is definitely the harder game of the two, the bosses can be pretty challenging, but it's fun trying to work out how to beat them. I think both games are well balanced in terms of difficulty though, not too easy and not too hard. I'd recommend playing both, and if you do I think Octopath first would make more sense, since BD2 feels like an evolution of it in some ways, and in my opinion BD2 is better than Octopath in pretty much every way. If you're only playing one I'd go for BD2, but both are definitely worth playing.
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  19. I guess I thought Octopath was harder because I've heard people complain about the difficulty whereas I haven't heard complaints about Bravely Default 2. I'd probably play the latter first but that's only because I actually bought it and have a copy already.
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