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I just watched the State of Play, some thoughts:
  • It's amazing how Capcom just keeps churning out Resident Evil games, I wish my faves could have that.
  • I'm glad Tunic is finally coming to PS, I've been wanting to play that. Stray, Season and Eternights all look super promising too, it was a great presentation for smaller games.
  • I wasn't particularly interested in Street Fighter 6 at first, but this new trailer was definitely impressive. Kinda disappointing the Xiaoyu lookalike Chun Li fights is apparently just a NPC rather than a proper fighter though. Though imagining the sheer volume of DLC and aggressive microtransactions this game is bound to have definitely kills my interest nn, maybe I'll get the super extra ultimate edition in about five years.
  • Waiting so many years for FFXVI only for it to turn out being a Souls clone with some FF bells and whistles... disappointed but not surprised. Would have loved to see a bit of personality or originality in that trailer, but there was nothing there.
The entire Street Fighter 6 cast has been leaked (I'm saying that there is some real credibility behind this leak because Jamie, Chun and
have all been shown in the trailer and wearing these looks)


The roster is Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, E.Honda, Blanka, Guile, Chun-li
Cammy, Dee Jay, Rashid, Juri, Ed, Akuma
Luke, Marisa/Melissa, Jamie, Mimi, Lili, JP, Kimberley, A.K.I.

Here is Marisa/Melissa in the trailer which kinda proves this leak to be true.

Where my A.K.I and Mimi mains at? They’re GIVING. But the lack of Shadaloo icon Vega is kind of messy.
For a post-SF3 game canon-wise, it's sorta weird to not have anyone originating from the SF3 series. Otherwise I love the roster and styling of the new looks. It reminds me a lot of the SF: Duel costumes, which were too good to languish in a mobile game forever.

Anyway, I'm actually pretty jazzed about SF6. Between this announcement and becoming obsessed with SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash recently, I'm really interested in diving back into a fighting game. Just now trying to decide if I want to spend time on SF5 or King of Fighters 15. The former seems a bit more manageable to main from a systems perspective, but the latter has the benefit of being newer (with all the benefits that bestows on online play, discussion, and learning).


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Nn I was looking forward to Sonic Of The Wild but these videos, the choices to keep questionable elements from the side scrollers, the emptiness... it is not looking great hens.
Games like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed (who the fuck asked for that horrible werewolf gameplay?), etc. took the series away from what makes Sonic work. It seemed like they got the formula somewhat right with Generations and Colors, but Frontiers looks like even more of a mistake than anything they've done so far. It looks painful to play. And even though the graphics are nice, they're pretty bland.
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are iconic and the way critics turned on 1 in particular is so annoying cause it's a classic and has some real ambition.
Sonic Unleashed is underrated as hell (god playing on Series X really shows how a solid frame rate of 60fps makes it sing).

Colours is...barely a Sonic game with its emphasis on 2D platforming that's neither old school or 3D boost formula.
Generations bangs.
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2's Sonic parts are good, but the other character' gameplay modes are really bad. They wisely got rid of the overworld in the second, but kept the horrible shooting and treasure hunting missions.

Same story for Sonic Unleashed. Sonic parts were fun; werewolf parts were torture.
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Sonic Adventure 1's treasure hunting levels were fine but 2's? A nightmare... I don't think I ever actually beat SA2 because of them.

3D Sonic games have always been extremely hit or miss. Still excited for Sonic Origins with 3 & Knuckles finally being remastered.
More Street Fighter 6 leaks, I honestly have no idea how this much information and video footage of characters we aren’t supposed to know about already is in circulation…it’s going to be a very dry few months until release because at this point we’re gonna know everything about the game by tomorrow.

Ken’s new design in the character select menu

One of Cammy’s supers, showing off training stage and also the fact that Cammy will have her old SFII look as well as the new bob she’s rocking.