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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Ara: History Untold is what really perked my interest
  2. ... Do I want to buy the cheapo digital-only Xbox Series whatever-one-the-cheap-one-is? ... Maybe...
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  3. The weird peasant murder mystery game from Obsidian looks bananas and I love they are really thriving under Xbox creatively
  4. Starfield looks like a No Man's Sky with a bigger budget. Hopefully the story is long and engaging because exploring 1000 empty procedurally generated planets is so boring. And lots to do on top of that to keep the game exciting as the hours pass. I hope there is a lot of planets to explore with lots of cities. It's something that No Man's Sky is missing. But even in the trailer they show the home base planet and it's only seemingly got the one city and is otherwise empty.

    Also the shooting looks god awful, there was barely any sense of aiming. It was very weird looking. Bullets were just shooting out at random.
  5. There's other cities they've shown in previous concept art. I suspect there'll be plenty of crafted content with the procedural stuff there to lend scale and discovery to the overall vibe of the game.
  6. I thought this as well. There was also no feedback from enemies when they got shot
  7. He


    Kind of sold with queen Shohreh Aghdashloo’s voice.
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  8. I’m intrigued to see what Kojima does with Microsoft’s cloud technology to build a game. I’d get some sort of gamepass variation to play it.

    Though I’m confused as to what Overdose is now.

    Starfield looks like its needs more cooking time. I sense another delay on the horizon.
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  9. If Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden don't come to the PS4/Switch as well...

  10. I kind of have this feeling if they have bitten the bullet to release on xbox/gamepass that they are at least coming for Switch as well. Probably (Hopefully) a case of the xbox conference just occurring before the next nintendo direct so they got to break their news first? Maybe?
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  11. Apparently a PS5 and Steam release was accidentally posted today by Atlus, but PS4/Switch haven't been yet. Always a monkey's paw situation when it comes to Atlus!
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  12. I need...NEED Silksong as soon as I can possibly get it.
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  13. Xbox have confirmed its within the next 12 months as per the rest of the show so not far off!
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  14. it's NOT soon ENOUGH Josephina!!!!! I need whatever limited edition boxed edition will come with any fancy cardboard I can get!!!!
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  15. You'll get a Limited Run Games boxed edition in 3 years with delays on shipping Aaron Karenina
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  16. I think Hollow Knight was actually fangamer but yes I will honestly.
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  17. Resident Evil Village DLC offering you Lady Dimitrescu as a playable character in Mercenaries sdksjdksjdks what a GAG
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  18. Just finished Inside, and it’s a total gag. I loved Limbo but this was better in every way

    and the last 20 minutes is some of the freakiest shit I’ve played in a game in a while.
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  19. The Playstation Plus Premium and Extra or whatever went live today in the US. Did anyone upgrade to it and what do we think? I'm really on the fence.
  20. I have both Plus and Now today so I think I'll be automatically transferred to the top tier when it launches in EU next week. I'm not over the moon about it beforehand, Game Pass has set such a high standard for gaming subscriptions.
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