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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. BTG


    I’ll also auto upgrade next week and depending on how fast the classics come, it’ll be worth it alone for the PS1/2 catalogue for me.
  2. I actually found it difficult to match the clothing. Everything felt very thrown together, regardless of which options I picked?

    Regardless, there’s nothing but excitement from me surrounding the game. Hoping that they have a couple secrets up their sleeve for the customisation in the full release.
  3. I think I'm going to update to the new tier. The yearly sub price difference isn't that major compared to regular PS+, the line-up is decent and the whole thing with having a new drop of "free" games to look forward to every month seems fun. That said, I'd love to know if devs actually benefit financially from having their games available in these services as opposed to just having them on sale, like is having more people playing the games without paying for them better than fewer people actually buying them? I just don't know if it's actually a good thing for devs or if it's just something that hurts them, but they have to go along with because that's just how things operate now (like how music artists get paid peanuts on streaming services).
  4. On the Game Pass side of things a lot of devs have been very positive. An immediate cash injection for indies (which a fair few have said has helped them break even day one), and especially with Day 1 titles it gets more people playing and talking about the games which helps word of mouth sales elsewhere (think of how Tunic will be launching on Playstation with lots of buzz from that previous Game Pass launch).

    There's some interesting figures around game pass demographics that largely shows it diversifies gamer taste to the point where a risk free entry into a genre/series they haven't played before will pay off further down the line if they enjoy it.

    No system is perfect and I'm unsure on what Sony's approach is (given they aren't great with treating indies well) but I think these services are good for smaller devs just in terms of a safety net rather than fighting to get attention in crowded launch weeks at full price.
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  5. League of Legends is back with another song and pretty music video.
    It features Tkay Maidza as the artist. The song is written by Bloodpop and Tkay Maidza, and the vocals are also by Tkay Maidza. It also features some of the most well-known League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions, including Vi, Lucian, and Yasuo.

  6. The Quarry was such a blast, might be one of my favourite games this year.
  7. Rob


    I still have no idea what ray-tracing is considering it's one of the current gen's supposed big new features, oop.
  8. I really want to get it but feels like a really steep price tag for a game that is done in 8 hours and you might play only once?!
  9. It’s definitely got a lot of replayability factor. Like to try and do a playthrough and make everyone survive etc etc
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  10. From my understanding, it's basically realistic reflections and lighting based on how light reflects and refracts in real life... RTX lighting is usually barely noticeable for me to be honest, it's not worth the performance hit. I also don't understand why THIS is the "in thing" at the minute

    This is a pretty good example of what ray-traced lighting is meant to do:


    In real life, the cave or whatever on the right would never be lit up like that. See how the lighting is so even and has no depth? The only light source is the sun coming through the doorway and the rest of the cave would be much darker as shown on the left.

    Reflections are pretty self-explanatory... it's a reflection. Reflections pre-raytracing would use a variety of visual tricks
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  11. BTG


    My copy of The Quarry hasn’t arrived yet but from what I’ve seen, while not everyone is of the same quality, Brenda Song’s character model is some true next gen shit.
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  12. Ray tracing is why shiny floors and wet streets are so common in games right now!
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  13. It’s honestly incredible how well the character models are and then you get to see water particles which belong in the PS2 era ddd
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  14. I told y’all it wasn’t Disney who was withholding Sora.
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  15. [​IMG]


    Despite being a huge Persona/SMT fan I've never actually played P4: Golden and P3: Portable (only the original P4 and P3/P3:FES), so perched to finally play these.
  16. I've only played Persona 5 and absolutely loved it so I would happily play the previous games.
  17. I played Persona 4 for the first time last year and it was remarkable, I actually preferred the story to Persona 5 even if the latter has the slightly stronger cast for me.

    I abandoned Persona 3 but have heard it's the strongest story of the three so excited to finally finish it with the alternate protagonist!
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  18. These missing the switch is such a shame

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Persona 3 changed my LIFE so I would highly recommend to all. What a game, seriously.
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  20. Persona 3/4/5 are all excellent. Of course 3 and 4 aren't on the same level as 5 in terms of visuals or dungeon design, but in every other aspect I'd say they're all more or less on par.
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