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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Persona 3 Portable not coming to the one portable platform is trolling at its finest.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Is it bad that I'm living for all the Switch beggers fuming in the comments dddddd?
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  3. To be fair it looks like Xbox really pushed Atlus to help make this happen for them and Nintendo just...didn't. it's such a shame cause Persona is just perfect on portable
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  4. I'm gonna arrive at your house and beat your ass with my copy of Ayumi Hamasaki COMPLETE CLIP BOX.
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  5. I'd imagine at least P3P and P4G should make their way to the Switch eventually, it really just wouldn't make sense for it not to happen. Also, it sucks we have to wait until 2023 to play these games. They're just ports so I really don't get the reason for the 6+ month wait.
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  6. I persona(( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))lly don't care as I have them on ze PS Vita, but you know, I would like to have them on a console that I don't have packed away somewhere.
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  7. I think it’s just frustrating because it’s so clearly not a hardware limitation. These are old games; even Persona 5 started as a PS3 game. Seems like an issue of business politics, so I’d love to know what the holdup is.
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  8. Mhm P4G is an icon and it's stayed with me long after I finished it - I'm happy it's going to find a wider audience. There's something nostalgic in that sleepy small town; the atmosphere is cosy and familiar but also isolated and unsettling. But the friendships that you form feel like an antidote to that. P5R is clearly one of the best games ever with its flash and polish - but P4G measures up with its heart.

    And I look forward to playing through P3P, it's been on my list for too long.
  9. I honestly think they will he announced at the next Direct.
  10. Yes to the second part in particular, the social links are so much stronger narratively in P4 than in 5: the Death social link is one of my favorite side plots in an RPG full stop.
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  11. P3 Sun social link is the best in the series and it’s not up for discussion!!!!!!

    very excited to dabble in P3P again. I went so hardcore on it the last time I ran it…..
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  12. There are lots of fantastic S Links/Confidants across the games, but P3 Sun and P4 Death both really stay with you.
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  13. These not coming to the switch really pisses me off more then it should, genuinely.
  14. P4G is an incredible game and I'm happy more people will get to experience it (even if it has been on Steam for a while already dddd)

    I'm imagining Switch will get a Shin Megami Tensei collection sometime soon since they have a longer history of being released on Nintendo Portable consoles.
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  15. Rob


    Nintendo allowing Joker into Smash but not negotiating to get any of main series Persona games on Switch is peak-Nintendo.

  16. Not sure if anyone here played Labyrinth of Refrain (dungeon crawler RPG from 2018), but it's definitely one of my favourite "hidden gems" of the last few years. I basically only picked it up because I needed a third game in a three for two sale, and it really caught me by surprise just how great it was, the story/setting was really unique and engrossing and the gameplay was fantastic too. Really looking forward to the sequel next year.
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  17. Earlier this week marked ten years since the release of this homosexual classique

    You know games like that... they are stories that people can identify with.

    And apparently it's coming back (though as of yet it's unknown if it's a remaster, a sequel or something else)

  18. Okay. Despite the game being incredibly well balanced on the whole, I finally have to grind for an extended period in Tokyo Mirage Sessions. The third trial boss of Chapter 6 has been wrecking me. I accidentally replaced a spell that reduces the enemy's offensive power and now would be a good time to have it.

    I love this game but I'm going to need it to end very soon. Me and my brother are going to play Final Fantasy XV at the same time, which will make it more enjoyable. I'm still very apprehensive about the playthrough. Since it's a fucking Final Fantasy game, I want to love it, but there's so many things that turn me off before even picking up the controller.
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  19. Just try it and see if you like it, there is a mixed reaction but its best to make up your own mind. I honestly don't get such a bad reaction over the fact that you get all male party, no one compained when it was all female in FFX-2.

    Anyway, I personally loved the story so I could tolerate the things that annoyed me. There are bad things for sure but I think the good outweighs the bad in the end.
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