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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. So I can buy the Royal pack and download it even if I already started the vanilla game?
  2. Yeah, it should be fine. It doesn't actually change much in the early chapters I think, but probably best to download it sooner rather than later, it definitely enhances the game.
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  3. Part of what's so frustrating about XV sometimes is that the moments where it really gets it right are like...incredible. Overall I think it's a lot more enjoyable than it gets credit for, but there's definitely a few sections of the game that really really drag it down.
  4. Exactly, my friend and I used to talk about FFXV a lot, I was always more forgiving than him because the ending was truly amazing to me, but we always agreed on one thing - its such a shame the game didn't get to its full potential, its sad things were so rushed in the end because they game could have been truly incredible. Also, I still find it funny some say Versus 13 would have been much better, poor Nomura etc - I am sorry but no one knows that, all we ever saw were flashy trailers, only 20% of that game was done and I am glad they moved away from 13, a trilogy was enough.
  5. By the way Raichu, just a heads up, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out Comrades after ch. 13. There aren't a lot of story elements but there are interesting enough, especially when you get to see familiar faces, the ending and the secret ending of that DLC. I still don't get why they made it into a separated game later on, I doubt it helped but ok...
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  6. I've played this consistently with my siblings over the past few years and I've never tired of it. It's really brilliant.
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  7. The new PS+ tiers are now up in Europe and honestly the line-up is a bit of a gag. It's a bit different from the one I'd seen before, there are a ton of JRPGs for example, even White Knight Chronicles (whew, a throwback). Between the AAA games, smaller titles, indies and the PS3 library, it definitely looks worthwhile to me.

    I think the first games I'm gonna try are
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    The Spidermans
    A couple of PS3 Ratchet & Clank games I never played
    Ar No Surge (I think this was the last PS3 game I ever bought, but I never actually played it, and my PS3 doesn't work anymore, so it'll be cool to finally play it after all these years)
    Tetris Effect Connected
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  8. My favorite thing about Final Fantasy XV is definitely the art design. It really does remind me so much of FFVIII, the way it seems like our world but also doesn't.

    I still like the combat but it seems like it definitely might start to get old.

    I also really liked the end of chapter one.

    The fall of Noctis's kingdom was well done and the story seems clear so far. I'm waiting for when it turns into nonsense, but I like it at the moment.

    I did end up getting the royal update. I thought it was going to be overpriced but it was only 10 bucks.
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  9. I think it looks a bit too much like our world nn. Between environment, the motorways, the gas stations, the accents and whatnot, the first area of the game feels like it takes place in the rural US, that's part of the reason why the game feels more like a Borderlands than a Final Fantasy at points. But thankfully the rest of the world is a bit better (even if still by far the least interesting one out of any FF games I've played).
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  10. I'm thinking of playing Wizardry 7 again. Absolute beast of an RPG with a compelling and prophetic socially relevant story. I miss its "vibe" and its type character creation. Give me all the sprawling worlds and perfectly paced difficulty.
  11. I have a question. What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy VIII, and how do you rank it amongst the rest of the mainline games of the FF universe?
  12. Honestly, to this day, FF8 is my favorite FF. I just love the characters, the music and story even if it has its flaws. I would love a FF8 remake in the future.
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  13. The soundtrack, character and world design are all top notch for me. I also like the gameplay, minus the tedious draw system (which can be mitigated somewhat by Triple Triad and card refining at least).

    However, I think the story really falls apart after the first disc. That’s my biggest issue with the game honestly.

    My top 5 is as follows:

    1.) FFIX
    2.) FFVII
    3.) FFX
    4.) FFVIII
    5.) FFIV
  14. I have a lot of time for FFVIII which I think is only let down by a very slow battle system. The first disc is one of the best sections of a Final Fantasy game I've ever played. It really is amazing.
  15. VIII was my second game in the series and I remember being particularly swept up in the opening stretch. The summons are maybe my favorite set in the series and I think there's a lot of potential in the systems but damn does it fall apart spectacularly. I also hate the final dungeon gimmick, maybe my least favorite in the series other than XII's exhausting final dungeon.

    In terms of rankings I'd put it closest to XII and V in terms of entries that I really love playing at certain points but have enough frustrations that I never can commit to a full re-play. Nothing touches the trio of VI/IX/X for me.
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  16. It is a bit bumpkin, isn't it? But it doesn't remind me of Borderlands just because the art style is realistic and not cartoony.
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  17. I love FFVIII. It has such a unique world and I adore the art style. I also like the weird story and the surprisingly ahead-of-its-time storytelling techniques. Awesome set piece moments too. However, I kind of despise the junction system. It's janky and nonsensical (it discourages you from using magic for goodness sake). I still don't really understand how it was supposed to benefit players.

    I'd rank it mid-tier. It's not one of the absolute best but it's also not anywhere among the worst.
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  18. VIII.....great gameplay, beautiful gameplay....

    everything else bar soundtrack i don't give a shit about. cool characters conceptually but wasted on a stupid story that reaches for the sky but lands flat on a brick face first like that Hereditary scene. Ultimecia is an asspull quite frankly. The space stuff was corny. Sandwiched between the mainstream blockbuster and one of the other most spectacular games in the series also makes it look worse in comparison.
  19. I love everything about Final Fantasy XV at the moment. The only flaw so far is that the combat is a bit shallow. It's still fun, but it's the series first attempt at a completely action-based system and it shows. It feels good and it looks amazing but there aren't any strategic decisions to make. Final Fantasy VII Remake is better in this regard.

    The open world could be more interactive, but I think it's so beautiful to just look at that it doesn't matter. That being said, the game structure is in kind of a weird limbo between being open and feeling quite linear. It's not exactly a bad thing, but it feels strange.

    I guess the story messiness comes later because so far I have zero trouble understanding the plot and it doesn't feel like anything is missing. Yet.

    While FFXV does have its issues, there's nothing quite like the experience of playing a Final Fantasy game.
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  20. I definitely think they learned a lot during the making of FF15 gameplay, it was their first true action game and thanks to that, Remake got a chance to be so much better. However, I do think the AI is slightly better in 15 than the remake. During my playthrough, I noticed a lot of times the gang acted stupid when they weren't controlled which is something I didn't really notice in 15.
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