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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I noticed that too. The friendly AI is much better in FFXV. I think the enemy AI in FFVII Remake was smarter though. I think that game is hard as balls whereas FFXV is so easy at the moment. And because of the way combat works, I don't see it getting too much harder.
  2. Oh yeah, I definitely agree about the enemy AI, FF15 is really too easy sometimes, only post-end content like the dungeons were a bit tricky.

    Anyway, I am glad you are loving the game so far. I don't think the story is complicated, over the years I did read truly dumb questions on Reddit but those people weren't really paying attention. Story does have deeper layors and its quite dark when you really think about it. I think Luna as a character is unfairly trashed by the majority for example.
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  3. I liked FFVIII a lot when I first played it, but I did have a hard time getting into the remaster that came out a couple of years ago. Some of the gameplay systems are just a bit too much of a mess. I should give it another shot one of these days though, because I do remember it being a great game once you get used to everything.
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  4. I can't believe all this X-2 slander I've been reading! Especially when the game gave us this all time BOP!

  5. To be fair, I'm pretty much on my own in this thread as far as slandering FFX-2 is concerned.
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Long shot cause I'm only 50% sure I might recognize this from a video game (instead of a music video or animated movie) but: anyone recognizes this guy?
  7. Some news for the JRPG girls:

    1. First artwork and some tidbits about Ys X, taken from a Famitsu interview


    I still need to get around to playing Ys IX, but Ys VIII was excellent and I'm definitely curious to see more of this one.

    2. There's a 40 minute Star Ocean 6 presentation happening this Wednesday. Not sure if it'll be available in English, but either way it should provide plenty of new information about the game.

    It's still wild to me there's a new Star Ocean game coming this year. I've got my fingers and toes crossed it'll actually be a properly great game and the debacle that was SO5 was just a fluke.
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  8. I'm not sure about this but it kinda makes me think of a Crash Bandicoot enemy. Not like one of the main, named ones, but a generic enemy that could appear in pirate/beach/sea themed stages.
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  9. The writing in Final Fantasy XV is very good. I haven't heard a cringey line yet. However, I feel like the story has been a tad too sparse so far. It's interesting for sure and the conflict is powerful but I think they rely on the relationship between the four main characters to drive the narrative way too much. I want some backstory and I want some longer cutscenes.

    That being said, this is easily the most immersive Final Fantasy game so far. The world feels so alive and there are a lot of small details that really make the journey feel convincing.
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  10. The full album versions of Real Emotion and 1000 Words on Sweetbox's album really are out of this world.

    After giving it a bit of a go ages ago, I am playing Jedi Fallen Order and loving it. Cal is bae.
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  11. I bought Lake over the weekend and 100%'d it the same weekend. It doesn't take very long. It's a very easy-going and relaxing game that takes place in 1986. You're Meredith, who works in a high-rise office back when computers were first being marketed. Her father retires from the post office at small lakeside town in Oregon and her parents go on a long vacation to Florida. Meredith is going to come back home after 22 years to do the post office run for a couple of weeks. Then it's simply that: Each day you wake up and do that day's deliveries and most of them have cute little stories and you begin to meet all sorts of people around town. There's even a couple of romance options, including a same-sex one. At the end, you can decide to keep working at the post office or not.

    I think I'm going to jump into Haven next, as I try to bridge the gap until Saints Row drops.
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  12. BTG


    Not me playing Miles Morales and screaming when I recognised Jasmin Savoy Brown!
  13. Only just now realised that Goho-M (the item you use in Persona games to escape dungeons) = "go home"

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  14. I've never played a turn-based combat game before, the idea has never really excited me to be honest. However, Persona looks like too cool of a game to not at least try it when it comes to Xbox in the fall.
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  15. Anyone play The Quarry yet? I've played the rest of the SuperMassive horror pantheon, and after seeing the pretty great reviews, am surprised at how big of a mess I thought it was!

    I think saying any more would be spoilerific, but I'm surprised at how much I feel like it didn't come together.

  16. Great music. Beautiful music.
  17. It looks like Crisis Core remaster will be $50. I think the date is just a placeholder as its the last day of winter quarter:

  18. To anyone who has played Jedi Fallen Order, can you still get the red lightsaber and Inquisitor outfit on a New game plus run? They look so cool.
  19. That's pretty much all that's going for it dd
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  20. Yes, though you unlock them in new game+, so if you only plan on playing once you'll never actually get to use them dd
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