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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I was momentarily excited for this, but why do they insist on these hideous character models?
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  2. That's fine, I want to play through again and try and get the Platinum, I am having so much fun. My pink lightsaber is pretty iconic too.
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  3. The characters might look a bit plastic-y, but otherwise I think it looks great. Very much here for another Sci-Fantasy epic in the same vein as Xenoblade Chronicles and Tales of Arise.
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  4. After thinking about it a bit more, I decided to cancel my PS+ sub instead nn, just got the refund.

    Aside from Animal Crossing I never really play online, and have a ton of games in my backlog to go through too, so didn't really make sense to be paying 120€ to have access to even more. Maybe I'll give it a shot a bit further down the line, if the monthly updates seem worth it.
  5. I'm happy Overwatch is slowly but surely making a little comeback. A solid October 4th release date for a free-to-play Overwatch 2, with five new maps as of right now and at least four more coming at launch or soon after:

    Circuit Royal (Monaco)
    Midtown (New York)
    Paraíso (Rio de Janeiro)
    Colosseo (Rome)
    New Queen Street (Toronto)

    Shambali Temple (Nepal)
    Portugal (name TBA)
    Gothenburg (name TBA)
    India (name TBA)

    Two new heroes as of now:

    Sojourn (Damage)
    Junker Queen (Tank)

    Announced that we'll be getting at least 3-4 heroes per year and multiple new maps each year. Exciting times, since I've never given up on the game and still pretty much play daily, to this day.


    If you want to see any of the new maps, heroes, changes to old heroes (including new looks, passives, cooldowns, ultimates, etc.), see the 5v5 play, and the new gametype Push. Then watch any big Twitch streamer on the Overwatch page as of yesterday because they'll undoubtedly be streaming the newest beta all day.
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  6. I'm excited to try out the new Overwatch, mainly for the story. I love the lore and characters.
    However- I have never had a game make me as angry as Overwatch makes me while playing it. It is such an unpleasant experience that I don't know if I'll ever get back into it as much as I was when it first came out.
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  7. I'm excited for this and the game looks quite good overall. But I fully expect the story to be ass.
  8. Just finished Jedi Fallen Order and honestly.....

    Cal is a great protagonist and I loved his story. Being mentally scarred by the Purge and that is why he isn't at one with the Force was a genius way to allow the player to gain new powers as the game progressed. Cameron Monaghan is brilliant. BD-1 is an icon and I will kill for him. The other Mantis members are great too, I really like having Cere showing another side of how the Purge affected the few Jedi who lived. Merrin was great too and I wish we got her sooner. Greez is a good bit of comic relief while still being emotive at the same time. I hope all 3 come back, that sense of chosen family was strong by the end.
    The story as a whole was pretty good, if a little sparse, I could have done with more side stuff, it felt a tad too linear for me at times.
    Can't wait for the follow up, but I do wonder how they will handle it, we can't have Cal not being connected to the Force again, so maybe some cool new skills? I'd like to see BD-1 be able to have some independent stuff, like he needs to go through small gaps to open new paths for Cal?
    My main negative was no fast travel on worlds. It makes going back to find loot really annoying. Much as I enjoy the worlds I got bored of them after 3 or 4 treks back and forth.
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  9. Yeah that‘s the only thing I really didn‘t like. Having to go back to the same levels.
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  10. On the upside, I did just find that hidden area in the crashed ship on Zeffo which is cool.
  11. My biggest complaint about Jedi Fallen Order is the map. What in the hot hell is that garbage? They're like "Okay get back to the ship" and i'm like "I have no idea which way I came... Why can't you just fast travel me there?!" and then you open the map and it shows you upper level stuff with lower level stuff... And I get that you can highlight the certain levels, but the other levels are still so visible it's hard to really tell sometimes when things are so overlapped. Ugh it just makes me annoyed.

    I haven't beaten it yet though, so no spoilers. I've actually been playing it on "Story Difficulty" because I just want to know what happens, I don't want a challenge. Even then I still end up dying a thousand times when it gets to the platforming. Or hating my life when it gets to the "Go here" and I run around like a baffoon since the map is such little help.

    Also, More Debra Wilson please. Between this game and voicing Savathun in Destiny 2... I just adore her voice and I need her in every game. Plus she's so passionate about her job. She plays one of the characters in the Black Panther add on in that awful Avengers game and they did a little virtual panel when it launched, with all the voice talent. And she was just sooo excited and you can really tell she adores her job. And I adore her work in all these games.
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  12. When you're clearing up Jedi Fallen Order and find out you missed a collectible in one of the tombs and have to make the trek all the way to it and then back to the ship


    But yes, fantastic game other than that.
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  13. I actually thought this map was pretty fantastic, really detailed and informative, like the way it tells you which paths you haven't explored yet, I wish more games had that. And I think when the game tells you to return to the ship during a story mission, there usually was either a different path or a shortcut to follow rather than you just having to go back the way you came, so it makes sense it wouldn't just warp you there. But yes, hopefully the sequel will have fast travel, at least for when you're just exploring the planets rather than going through the story.
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  14. Finally (!) got a Steam Deck pre-order today! About a full year since my reservation.
  15. I’m loving the beta so far, OW2 feels really fresh. Hope you’re enjoying too!
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  16. Portal 1/2 run like a dream on Switch I'm very happy
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  17. I don't like WRPGs for the most part. I find most of the art styles to be ugly (uncanny valley out the ass), I don't care for the battle systems, I find the stock gritty fantasy style of many WRPGs to be a bit cringe (think Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls), I don't really care that much about what WRPGs give priority to (for example, I don't care about making my own character), etc. But I kind of want to get into one to expand my horizons slightly. The ones that look coolest to me are The Witcher 3 and Mass Effect trilogy. Divinity Original Sin 2 has an uninteresting fantasy style but the combat looks pretty great. Jade Empire also looks really cool, but I believe it's trapped on the original Xbox (unless it's also on PC?). Anybody have any other recommendations? As I said, I tend to dislike cliched gritty fantasy and I like pretty "lush" art styles.
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  18. Please post a review once you eventually get it because I am so curious and I feel like everyone is so negative about it... the people who don't have one. But the people who do have one seem to like it to varying degrees depending on what expectations they had.
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  19. So my copy of World of Final Fantasy was supposed to arrive today. But it didn't. I got a message from Amazon saying it might be a week late (and this is after the unreasonable initial wait; somehow my delivery speed got severely downgraded). I have been feeling pretty depressed and wanted this game to cheer me up this evening. Getting that message pissed me off something fierce. So what did I do?

    I bought it digitally.

    Usually I am very patient and would wait but this is fucking self-care.
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  20. Sorry for the double post but World of Final Fantasy is making a great first impression. It's hella cute, I love the twins (though I wouldn't be surprised if the boy's antics got old after awhile), I love the consistent use of humor, I love the clean chibi graphics, and most of all, I love that the game is making no attempt to pretend it's not a video game. Fourth wall breaking all over the place.

    The only thing I'm not super thrilled about the monster catching/stacking bit. The system seems fine but I'd prefer a completely old school battle system. It feels like these monsters just add some extra hoops to what is essentially a standard magic/abilities system. And why is everybody so obsessed with monster catching? It seems to show up in every game.

    I'm glad I've played most of the games in the series because the references are going to be really meaningful and fun.
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