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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Knockout City is still taking all my time nn.
  2. A bit surprising they're focusing on Japanese developers with TGS in just a couple of days, but I'll take it!
  3. I wonder what the plan is for Silent Hill. From what I've read, they're planning a brand new game, a remake of Silent Hill 2 and a new movie to get the franchise rebooted and back into the public eye again. I think the remake should come first.
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  4. Manifesting a Street Fighter 6 open beta announcement from today's Playstation presentation.
  5. BTG


    Play as a killer on Dead by Daylight? I could never.

    I wish some of the girls would expand their character pick behind the horizons of Meg. I played alongside three of them in the one game last week. Every one dressed hideously. Where’s the fashion ladies?

    I can’t wait to see more. Everything they’ve shown so far looks incredible? Such a turnaround from V. Kimberly bopping to the character select music is such a fun touch.

  6. I need to see Mimi, Marisa, and the poison lady from the leaks IMMEDIATELY. I'm ready to make Marisa my main and my entire personality as long as she's not a grappler.
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  7. I really wanted this to happen so I'm feeling very I'msousedtogiving.gif right now. While I would have loved an all new game or a HD remaster of the first three games I believe next to Crimson Butterfly, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse has the best story of any Fatal Frame game. The spit shine on the visuals looks really nice and fingers crossed they fixed the game breaking bugs that the orginal version has.
  8. Yun-Jin & Kate stay serving looks and talent. Outsold all the other Dead by Daylight girls with ease.
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  9. Random thought, but I hate this approach big companies have of, rather than outright cancelling games they most likely have no plans of ever releasing, to just... not talk about them anymore and hope people just forget about them I guess? I suppose it's a way to avoid the backlash that would come from a cancellation, but it's still frustrating to have these games in limbo indefinitely, even if there's a 99% chance they're never actually coming out. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a perfect example of this, Tekken Vs Street Fighter is another one.
  10. Prayer circle for Silent Hill being announced
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  11. It's going to be pretty funny if half of this ends up being games also shown in the Nintendo presentation earlier today, especially given the focus on Japanese devs.
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  12. Tekken 8!!!
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  13. Shit I forgot this was on
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  14. Ooh I've always wanted to play this Feudal Japan Yakuza game, awesome that it's being remade and finally released in the West.
  15. I’m so tired of seeing the fucking TERF game
  16. I'm afraid your side have to suffer the marketing onslaught for THAT one. (God it doesn't even look that good)
  17. These "digital rewards" or w/e...

  18. They're cute!!
  19. Team Ninja have been releasing a lot of...very similar looking games lately huh
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