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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I don't really get the point though? Are they basically just 3D trophies?

    I remember they had said PlayStation Stars could earn you PSN credit, which certainly seems a lot more appealing than that, weird it wasn't mentioned at all here.
  2. I don't even care that much about Silent Hill and/or Metal Gear Solid but bloody hell I am so fucking tired of reading rumours and supposed leaks about them that never amount to anything.
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  3. God of War being the big finale on a presentation centered on Japanese games... ok.

    All in all that was a bit underwhelming, Tekken and Yakuza aside.
  4. That one was actually talked about in the last year. Apparently about 30% of the game was done and it wasn't totally working. I think Tekken 7 taking off like it did deprioritized it, especially after SF Vs Tekken was a big flop commercially.
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  5. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is dead. Ancel is gone and the reworks of several other titles has me thinking it's no more. The vision ultimately turned into something no one wanted anyway.

    I've been replaying the original the last few days and it's such a shame because it really was a game with a brilliant world, a cinematic eye and satisfying gameplay. The HD version holds up really well
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  6. It's a shame because, even if it wasn't the standard sequel to the first one most people probably would have wanted, at one point it was definitely looking like Beyond Good & Evil 2 could be shaping up to be something interesting, going by what they showed/said at E3 a few years ago. Oh well.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I just can't believe this is actually happening. 8 YEARS after its initial release. I WON.

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  8. Forspoken looks amazing IMO; the combat looks thrilling. And as a black person, I love that you get to play as a black woman. There's not nearly enough of that kind of representation in video games.
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  9. This is so disappointing after all the years of edging us. I really wish they’d released the original with a bit of a polish. It’s such an incredible game and Jade was a wonderfully underrated character.
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  10. Yeah, from what I have seen, it looks quite good and I m looking forward to it. Not sure why some already jump on it as it is bad, you could at the very least wait until you actually play it and then criticize it if you end up hating it. Sure, that little trailer IS cringe but it might be just the trailer. The only thing I am not sure whether I will buy it right away, I really want Crisis Core Reunion!
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  11. BTG


    Tekken looks… fine. Graphically, it looks incredible but it looks like it’s still plagued with the same bland art direction.

  12. I guess we knew this was coming but holy shit yes.
  13. Kiryu and Ichiban as dual protagonists??

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  14. The Steam Deck I preordered for my husband for Christmas last year is!

    For whoever might have one, any tips I can let him know on how to set it up well etc?
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  15. Seeing the Yakuza discussion made me want to mention how the Twitch chat had been riding streamer-award nominee Supertf for literally years to play Yakuza 0 for variety play, and he finally started last night! I was so excited to see it. I remember how after I finished that game, I wasn't sure I wanted to go on to more Yakuza games, but seeing it be streamed reminded me about all the great aspects of the game and now I'm getting the small itch.

    Also, recently he did third iconic female character cosplay and streamed games with it. This time it was for Nier: Automata.


    (Can't find a higher quality image through Google search right now, while I'm work.)
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  16. Yes! I can make some recommendations on some good accessories that really add to it when he gets it up and running. Highly recommend getting a USB-C hub that has HDMI output and Ethernet ports (one I have) - that way if you EVER want to output to the TV and play like a console it'll be fully set up for it.

    On the portable battery pack front (it WILL eat up power), get a USB-C compatible one for laptops. I got an 80W, 26,800 mAh one for whenever I travel with it.

    Otherwise, the beauty of the device is JUST how turn on and play it is with most releases. If he's got a Steam library already, I'd recommend starting with the "Great on Deck" tab that the machine gives. Everything in there works wonderfully to start. Once you get a bit deeper in, there's some more customization you can do to make games that don't work immediately start working (I'd just google Proton-Experimental Steam Deck, there will be tutorials).
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  17. Everywhere I go I see Meg slander *cries* I can't handle it. But having said that, now that Ada has been added to the game my gay heart is happy and ready to throw Meg to the side.

    I want to be excited for Tekken 8, but my enjoyment of the series has gone down with every installment since 4. I'll also be interested to know what the story is, because 7 was meant to be the end of the Mishima storyline. So if we're getting another Kazuya/Jin centric story (as much as Jin is my man), I may have to pass.
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  18. Great advice and I'd just like to add that there are a ton of "unsupported" games that work fine on the device. If he's already downloaded them onto steam and wants to replay them it's worth a shot.
  19. BTG


    When Meg serves fashion, @ me. She’s still better than Kate though, who’s giving big ‘Sydney Sweeney throws a birthday party’ energy.

    I’m with you on T8. 7 was probably one of my biggest gaming disappointments and while this game looks to have the glow up that the franchise has needed, I just don’t know if the vision is there to give it the reboot it needs.
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  20. Tekken hardly needs a reboot given how big 7 was nn. It's hard to know how to feel about 8 yet either way given that trailer barely showed anything. Looks nice though.
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