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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. "who’s giving big ‘Sydney Sweeney throws a birthday party’ energy" - Screaming!!
    I'm yet to see a Kate cosmetic that I actually like (I think). Everything just looks so bland. At least Meg has the Amazon Prime biker delivery outfit.

    I know she's a licensed character, but I'm going to need the devs to give us more fashions for Ada. That spy trench coat look just isn't cutting it.

    I really, really wanted to like 7, but I just couldn't get to grips with it in the end. I really didn't like the way they set out the story mode. I don't know if that is what most fighting games are like these days, but I do miss just selecting a character and playing through ten rounds until the ending film. I know I can play the earlier games for this, but still.
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  2. Nno Kate is my fave and so is Sydney! The times I've narrowly avoided being hooked with her are already too numerous to count.
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  3. Those iconic Tekken story mode endings were definitely the main thing missing from T7 in my opinion, I really hope they bring them back in 8. I did enjoy the main story mode in T7, but the individual character stories were completely lazy, to the point they didn't even bother having them for DLC characters.
  4. This Kate Denson slander! I know she probably voted Trump & that she has problematic tweets that she's apologised for via the Notes App, but she serves looks and brought in one of the most helpful perks with Windows Of Opportunity so she will always be my proud problematic fave.
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  5. BTG


    I main Ada and Yoichi and I hate that they both only receive one extra costume. Though Ada’s model is so incredible, I can’t be mad. Her sunglasses are everything.

    Tekken 7 just looks and feels cheap. Reused animations and some barely-there single player content. It’s just so charmless. Don’t get me started on that net code…

    Nn I’ve actually never played her because I hate the cosmetics. It’s the one area where the game falls short. They could make a fortune if they actually… looked nice.
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  6. Absolutely not, that's not canon dd. But you know what is? Meg's white girls braids. The true Karen of DBD. I agree though that most of the game's cosmetics are quite bad. But Kate's are far from being the worse.
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  7. Xbox had their TGS Show this morning. Few shadow drops and future announcements.

    Ni No Kuni Remastered, Dananronpa V3 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey are all on Game Pass from today.

    Guilty Gear Strive and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle both coming to Game Pass in early 2023.

    Deathloop is finally hitting Game Pass on September 20th. There's a new update hitting both consoles that will add some new content as well which is a nice touch.

    It's nice seeing some commitment to Japan even if Square Enix remain stingy (seriously where is the FF7 Remake). Its been good seeing Atlus, Aksys and Spike Chunsoft deliver, especially when its usually a Game Pass drop too.
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  8. Oh I've always been curious about Ni No Kuni. Glad to see it's going to available for me on Xbox.
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  9. I agree that FFVII Remake needs to be on Xbox. Didn't FFXV do quite well on the console?
  10. It did well but Sony have a lot of shenanigans with regards to Square Enix exclusives. Allegedly they are paying to keep it exclusive still (either that or the PS5 port/expansion meant it renewed). We know Sony have made marketing clauses to keep the likes of RE: Village off Game Pass so there's any number of reasons. It is what it is, just inconsistent with the usual timed exclusive way of doing things.
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  11. After spending a bit longer with the game, it definitely does grow on you. It's just too easy/basic early on, but once it starts opening up it gets way more engaging. The combat and exploration are fantastic, and I really like the setting too, the world has that desolate/mysterious vibe in the same vein as Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, but with whimsical characters that add a lighter touch. I do wish the character growth system was a bit more interesting than just increasing your strength/dexterity/speed/magic, but other than that's a great game.

  12. New Atelier Ryza game!

    The character Ryza's visual design is so memorable and lowkey iconic. None of the other alchemists come close.
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  13. I am so goddamn psyched for that Mega Man Battle Network collection teebs.
  14. The Battle Hub I'm hoping is actually functional + intuitive, and not a pain to interact with like all of Guilty Gear Strive's online lobby system is. SF5's Battle Lobby system needed a huge overhaul, so hopefully it's a step in that direction. Glad at least there's a straight up Ranked Mode still!

    The World Tour preview is giving Mortal Kombat Deception story mode in terms of jank, but glad there's some single player content so we don't have to hear that complaint for the next 5-7 years.

    The battle system itself just looks so fun and wacky. I love how the Drive Gauge gives you slight moments of delight with options from games like SF3 or Marvel vs Capcom. But since it's limited, it still keeps things somewhat grounded.
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  15. BTG


    SF6 looks so fun! I’ll be there day one for that Mortal Kombat Konquest mode.

    Speaking of, I wish we knew what the hell was going on there. I know the WB Discovery merger played a part, but the radio silence is so weird. No Injustice ready to go. MK11’s support dropped instantly after Ultimate, despite the movie skin DLC going live post-launch which implies they were still very much working on DLC. Their ability to sell big on release and then completely fail to capitalise on that and deliver long-term post game content is insane.

    Kate has definitely liked Meghan McCain tweets. I’m sorry.
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  16. There's been a lot of weirdness since that merger. I read an article that WB was putting a halt on all MK licensing stuff (toys, etc). I read it in context of a Mortal Kombat edition of the Street Fighter Miniature Board Game being held up after years of work on it, but I wouldn't doubt there's bigger weirdness going on with the larger franchise itself.

    The persistent rumor has been Netherrealm has been working on a Marvel vs DC fighting game, but with the shitshow that's been DC since the merger (Batgirl), I'd wonder if that's now being impacted.
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  17. Well, i'm pretty sure Kate is based off of Taylor Swift so... what now?

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  18. Wait, Return to Monkey Island is being released on Monday?! How did I miss this?

    Check out the website, you can talk to Stan haha:

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  19. Genshin Impact. 3.1 (and beyond) live stream is up and they are DELIVERING!!! A new desert region, a card game mode and an ANIME??!!!
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