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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. BTG


    SF6 launch roster confirmed as 18 characters meaning 4 of the leaked are presumably DLC.


    Manon’s alt costume is iconic.

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  2. It begins

  3. Hi.
    I love video games.
    I recently bought Dark Souls remastered for PS4 and started playing it. I haven't returned to it much though because I haven't been in the mood but it's what I've played most recently.
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  4. He


    Cammy looks so good!

    Kimberly is the perfect balance between cool and adorable.
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  5. Screaming crying throwing up.
  6. The base roster is lowkey underwhelming. Most of the newcomers are really interesting and Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Cammy are evergreen but do we really need the other SF2 characters again? I wanted some deeper cuts like more SF3 and Alpha characters who haven't had a chance to return yet.
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  7. Not Konami seeing the attention Eiyuden Chronicles has been getting and deciding to finally revive Suikoden... messy dd

    I'm actually not that interested in 1 and 2 since they're a bit too old school for my tastes... but if they also remaster 3-5 I might die.
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  8. I just downloaded and started playing Dead By Daylight. Wow it’s fun constantly getting killed. Is there a possibility of escaping?
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  9. idc about street fighter but this art is serving down
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I've played Genshin pretty much every day since the middle of January this year regrets. They just keep delivering excellence.
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  11. @RUNAWAY I’ve taken a break for the last couple of months but yeah, this patch will definitely bring me back full time! I need to start saving primos for Cyno. What a cool ass character! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. It kept me sane during the pandemic.

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  12. BTG


    The only good thing about getting them all out of the way early means they won’t take up DLC slots.

    I think Capcom see this as their big chance to go mainstream again and they’re going hard on the nostalgia with half the roster being the recognisable SF2 faces, and the other half all new to freshen things up.

    I will throw my cash to buy this queen though and they know it.

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  13. Since the cosmetics store opened in 2018 I have spent more money on clothes for my Dead by Daylight characters than for my real life self...

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  14. They just announced that all non licensed cosmetics will soon be purchasable with the earned currency. So there's that at least.
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  15. That is a great change! But let's not forget that it takes something like 600 (!) matches to get enough shards to buy 1 purple outfit.

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  16. I know, it's ridiculous! But i'm the type of person that would rather grind 600 matches than pay $10. I'm notoriously stingy dd.
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  17. The new Fall Guys season is pretty great. The new stages are fun, I especially like the one where you have to draw a picture with your squad, which sounds like a recipe for disaster but is actually really fun. I love how they added new versions of basically every stage in the game too, I certainly wasn't expecting that. The new costumes are cool too, seeing a bunch of beans running around looking like little xenomorphs is always amusing. And of course I have my eyes set on the Hatsune Miku one

  18. My friends were talking about this in our Discord group ddd.
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  19. It appears several pictures and gameplay videos of GTA 6, still in very early development, have leaked online this morning. Not much to tell but
    one of them does confirm the rumoured male & female double protagonist role is real, and it is set in Vice City.
    Someone’s getting fired.
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  20. Apparently some outsider hacked into the developers' Slack server. Kiiii.

    Even if it's early build, it looks incredible.
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