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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Well FFX would be a good place to start since it's one of the best games in the series (arguably the best, it even won the PJ Ultimate Gamejustice rate). It looks great and has held up amazingly well for a game released over 20 years ago, but of course the newer installments have better graphics. Or if you want to go a bit more old school, there's also FFIX, which is, in my opinion, second only to FFX. It's one of the most traditional games in the series but has also held up very well, though of course being a PS1 game the visuals aren't all that advanced, but it's definitely worth experiencing.
  2. There should be a new GameJustice rate. *grinning smiley face*
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  3. There really should. It's already been nearly five years since the first one.
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  4. Low-key, that's still more recent than I thought it would be. But yeah, the amount of games that have come out in that's needed.
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  5. Although it isn't, as you say, visually advanced, FFIX Remaster looks great. Even the original looks pretty good IMO:

    I think @theelusivechanteuse should start with FFX though. It's the perfect starting Final Fantasy.
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  6. New Star Ocean: The Divine Force trailer:

    Character models look very mediocre and the visuals could be a lot better in general but gameplay looks quite good.
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  7. 9 was my introduction to the series and it is the perfect introduction. It has that beautiful fantasy feel, a strong story with great characters and the combat system is easy to figure out.
  8. Start with VII original or X.
  9. VII original is both very dated and very rough around the edges though. As much of a classic as it is, I'm not sure if it's a good starting point into the series for anyone. The other two PS1 games (especially IX) have held up way better.
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  10. I played it for the first time fully two years ago and I thought with the speed up quality of life stuff, it was perfectly easy to focus more on all the things it does right as things that YOU control move pretty easy breezy. I could immediately see why it was a classic and still didn’t feel like I was playing some outdated relic mechanically.

    And to be fair, I don’t think you could do wrong with VII-X being your first but I think if you want what the Idea of Final Fantasy is, VII or X serve you best with world building and character.

    also, seemed to work as an intro for many people! Don’t think it’s lost that power.
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  11. LTG


  12. I would avoid VIII at all costs as a starter. Junction system is just way too confusing and janky. It might give someone the wrong idea about the series.
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  13. I just got done playing the Valkyrie Elysium demo. It's not bad but I thought it was pretty boring. Art design is sterile and the combat is not satisfying; it needs way more oomph. The old school Valkyrie Profile fans are going to be pissed at how generic this is and I won't blame them. The rest of the game might surprise but it didn't give a great first impression.
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  14. Oh...well...RIP Silent Hill?

  15. No idea who this is BUT since you mentioned it, I really hope the early Silent Hill games get released for current gen or something because I would love to play them at some point. I'll probably get all the ones available for X-Box 360 since I still have one but I would like to play the original games as well.
  16. aux


    From what I'm seeing from this post on /r/SilentHill, this guy essentially piggybacked of all the other rumours that are somewhat confirmed, so I'm not so sure if it means that all the other leaks we've gotten before are fake. I'm still somewhat optimistic.
  17. I still think it’s happening because Dusk Golem reported on it and it’s been backed up by vgc and other people. Just his ‘teases’ were fake.
  18. Like hasn’t the whole concept for a new Silent Hill and remake of Silent Hill 2 been leaked?!
  19. GOTY indeed! I haven't laughed this hard in ages! Thank you for making my day.
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