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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I am a few days late but did someone talk about the game of the year aka Trombone Champ
  2. It's less about that and more about how unbalanced it is because the game is sort of built off of "X character is a great counter for Y character"... If you have a ton of players who simply are unable to select or switch to characters that would help be counters, it's going to throw the games off. It won't be an issue at the start as much as it will maybe like a year from now or whatever.
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  3. The Witcher 3's complexity has got me a bit exhausted, so I'm taking a brief break from it to play Sword and Fairy: Together Forever:

    This game has a fair bit of jank but I'm compelled to keep playing, so it's doing something right. Cutscenes are too fucking long, but it's just so relaxing to explore the breathtakingly gorgeous environments. And combat is pretty fun too, though it could use a tad more oomph.
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  5. I’ll always be fucking gagged by this game. The elite character designers they have on speed dial…

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  6. I missed the reservation email for my SteamDeck by only a few hours. But luckily there is a grace window so I contacted support.
    They reopened the window for me and I got my deck ordered! Yay. Can't wait to receive it.
  7. Happy Tunic PlayStation/Switch release day for those who celebrate it.
  8. Been playing this on Game Pass lately, and after being initially smitten with the design and mechanics, I got a bit frustrated. But I’ve just defeated my first boss and now loving it.
  9. I've been replaying Child of Light these last few days, for the first time since it was released back in 2014, and it's very much reasserting its position as one of my favourite indie games ever. The visuals and music are absolutely gorgeous, but what really caught me by surprise is how excellent the combat is, which I definitely didn't remember. The focus on slowing/interrupting enemies and manipulating the action timeline, plus the ability to constantly switch your characters makes it really fun and dynamic, and the difficulty feels just right on expert mode, challenging enough to keep you on your toes but not ridiculously hard. I think the only thing that brings down the game a bit is the rhyming dialogue. I thought it was cool the first time around, but replaying it now it's just a bit of a stupid gimmick that works in detriment to the story. But yeah, it's a really excellent game and it'll always be a shame how that supposed sequel ended up not materialising.
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  10. I wish Cuphead wasn't so difficult. The art style is incredible.
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  11. My inability to play this and Elden Ring literally plague me daily.
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  12. I've been trying to beat the same boss on Cuphead for literally two years.
  13. I honestly hate how the extreme difficulty gimmick has become so commonplace after the success of the Souls games. There really is no reason not to simply have multiple difficulty levels, but people/critics always eat these ~hardcore games up, so there's no real incentive for that. I do enjoy games offering a challenge, but not to the point of being expected to spend hours and tens of tries just to defeat one boss. Something like Hollow Knight was the perfect balance of being hard but not ridiculous.
  14. This is exactly where I’m at. What makes things worse is these games are clearly incredible and I seriously feel like I’m missing out! A halfway point is sorely missing.
  15. It’s what the people want. Hell, they’ll even give themselves a handicap in the more “simple” games like Pokémon (nuzlocke).

    I don’t think it’ll ever go away either. There’s too much “get good” mentality mucking up the video game scene. Hard Modes are always the most coveted (the hard mode in a Metroid game being locked behind an amiibo caused SUCH a controversy) for some reason.
  16. I get people wanting the biggest challenge possible and the accomplishment of beating said challenges, especially when streamers cast their gameplay and audiences appreciate the efforts, but it doesn't mean you can't have them choose hard mode and have relaxed modes for other players. Then you'll inevitably get the response of "oh that's how it was meant to be played and how you get the most enjoyment of it". Don't tell me and many other people how we enjoy video games, we'll decide that for ourselves. For me, I don't enjoy 150 cracks at one boss over and over, so I've always steered clear of these games once I find out they're doing the Souls thing. It sucks because otherwise I'm sure I'd love Elden Ring and that new French revolution era one.
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  17. Accessibility should always come first and to me is the next big driver of progress and use of innovation in games. Whether it's through difficulty levels, options within games, or unique controller inputs for those less able.

    'git good' feels so against that.
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  18. I definitely think casual difficulties should exist to keep from barring different types of players out with the exception of high end group content like raiding.

    love that even resident evil implemented an “assisted” mode a couple of games back and it’s really nice for easing yourself in (for reference, I cleared RE3make on every single difficulty, infernal included, and I wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t steeled myself to the game’s sequencing and nemesis’ behavior over time)
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  19. RIP stadia
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