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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I'm so new to gaming I hadn't even heard of them ddd. I just picked up Dark Souls because the concept seemed interesting, but now knowing all of this I'm kinda turned off from it.
  2. Well, at least you can summon other players to help you, which can really come in handy against especially tough bosses. And I believe these games have been getting progressively harder, so the first Dark Souls (and its remaster) at least isn't the worst example of this trend. But yeah, you should still expect to die a whole lot dd
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  3. That's good ddd but I'm definitely gonna have to like, build myself up before I play it again or something ddd. Even if it's the least hard game in the series, it's still probably gonna be a pain in the ass for me to play.
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  4. This. Exactly, if they just give a difficulty option, it wouldn't change anything, those who love the torture can just take the highest difficulty and others can take easier options. Many games have that so not sure why FromSoftware are so stubborn. And you are right, toxic fans are the worst. Can I just post this again because it is just so damn funny and accurate at the same time.

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  5. One day I'll really try at Bloodborne sitting in my PSN purchases.
  6. Ddd this was on ResetEra wasn’t it?
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  7. BTG


    Ddd yes. The place is trash but I can’t look away.
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  8. I love that we're having the difficulty conversation! Like many of you, I have stayed away from some top tier games just knowing they'll be way too hard for me to bother with. I get NO enjoyment out of playing the same frustrating levels dozens of times. A challenge is good. Rage-inducing difficulty for the sake of it is not. Give us options. I want to play Elden Ring. The idea that "true gamers" are all about insane difficulty is so gatekeepy and gross.

    Games are supposed to be fun. That's why they're games. Yes they are art and can tell brilliant stories and create amazing experiences and provide challenges to those looking for them. But to lose sight of the concept we're supposed to enjoy our time playing is so weird to me.
  9. The girls in the PlayStation thread are just as dramatic as us here. It’s a kii at times
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  10. I haven't tried the other Souls games, but Elden Ring's not too bad. Like I actually think it's a decent "standard" difficulty (minus the final boss, which I literally only beat by luck).

    That said, I'd be totally fine with additional difficulty levels in general, and I don't get the aversion either.
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  11. Sometimes I'm kind of interested in trying out the first Horizon game but then I remember it's a modern open world game made by the developers of Killzone and that interest goes away.
  12. Another movement that has lost sight of that concept is the "it's shallow to like beautiful graphics. Only gameplay matters" brigade.

    I've honestly never heard of anything so stupid. They're called video games for a reason. It's a visual medium and they are supposed to be visually stimulating. If those people are just into gameplay, they should seriously do some kind of challenge where they can only play Tetris, old school Pacman, etc. Those are games with perfect gameplay but I guarantee most of the "gameplay only" folks could not survive on that shit.

    Also, gameplay directly correlates with visuals. The reason some combat systems feel so good is because of the visual and auditory feedback, smooth and convincing animations, dope particle effects, cool looking attacks, etc.

    Of course that doesn't mean every game has to have high end graphics. I still enjoy playing older games because of art style. But yes, I'm not going to play ugly looking games just because they have good gameplay. Gaming is a multi-dimensional experience and visual stimulation is part of that experience. The "gameplay only" crowd is pretty much arguing that people should ignore a huge part of what makes gaming enjoyable.

    Finally, there's nothing wrong with wanting games to look as amazing as possible. Horizon doesn't particularly appeal to me, but I would be lying if I said that seeing footage of the latest entry wasn't exciting just because of how far the developers were pushing the visuals.
  13. Wow. Destructoid, which is actually one of the better game reviewers IMO, absolutely destroyed Valkyrie Elysium in this review:

    I thought the demo was uninspired and boring (I honestly couldn't wait for it to be over), so I wouldn't be surprised if this is accurate.
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  14. Apparently Sony is remastering Horizon Zero Dawn next


    When the next big first party PS5 games end up being God of War, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding remasters

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  15. The way Bloodborne fans suffer yet again.

    Like sure I could understand Last of Us 1 because it at its core is a PS3 game. but....Horizon????? Sony! What????
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  16. Nn not another non sensical choice from Sony. Sis Bloodborne aka the money bag is sitting right there. After the massive success of Elden Ring I’m so perplexed as to why it hasn’t happened yet.
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  17. I just finished playing the first Zero Dawn on PS5 and it still looks pretty fantastic, no need to remaster it.
  18. Sorry in advance for the wall of text! I just think it's an interesting topic with a lot of nuance that's fun to discuss.

    I find the difficulty discussion in gaming fascinating and interesting on a lot of levels. I acknowledge that games can give players a lot of different things: story, gameplay, great music, customizability, etc. So for certain games, giving some invincibility-level Easy Mode allows you to experience a story (or other gameplay systems like Persona Social Links) in a movie-like way.

    Does Elden Ring need an easy mode? Maybe!
    Does Animal Crossing need a hard mode? Maybe not, but couldn't the same argument be posed at some level?

    It goes without saying that the gatekeeping elitism with hard games is dumb, but I do wonder if every game needs to cater to every single player. What if the design brief / gameplay loop really is centered around a certain level of difficulty? Messing with that balance can change the entire experience or "whatever" they're trying to have players walk away from the game with.

    There are board games that are designed to be hard, and there's not a big clamoring about reducing the difficulty. You just... don't play the game if it's not a fit for what you want to play. Additionally, some films are really obtuse and not at all meant to be theater-filling blockbusters to try to fill every seat.

    It's a weird quirk of games being a different sort of media, I suppose. But once we start going down the road of games as art, I think it's an interesting thought experiment. And that isn't even going down the road of defining difficulty and separating from accessibility (super-human reflexes being required would probably be the latter. But would having to carefully consider your loadout/skills in a gameplay-focused turn-based dungeon crawler to progress be difficult or inaccessible?)

    The unwritten, but obvious, piece here is that adding additional difficulty modes adds development time and requires money/labor. On the cynical end, I'm sure there's cost-benefits analyses being run at these Publishers to determine if it's worth spending a few months to design and implement, and then test/balance (which is way more of an art than a science).

    For what it's worth, I really don't have a horse in this race, either. I play some games on easy, have played through a fair amount of the edgelord "gatekeeping" games (Elden Ring, Devil May Cry 3 Vanilla, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne) as intended, and generally just play a game however is the most fun for me at that time from the options available.
  19. Not every game is for everyone but gamers deserve equal opportunity to experience that and make that choice. High ceilings with no options offer an automatic barrier that could be lowered in many ways, especially in AAA titles where they can afford to offer comprehensive accessibility options, which difficulty should also be
  20. Totally get the sentiment, and agree. But I think I get hung up on what is truly included when we're talking about difficulty and accessibility in games.

    Does difficulty include mechanical complexity? Easy Mode making enemies do less damage, etc feels pretty intuitive to me and can make AAA games like Naughty Dog's output accessible to a wider net that can experience the story, etc.

    But then I think of a game like Cultist Simulator, in which the entire experience is card-based and timed, and has difficulty not borne out of reaction speeds, but just sheer weirdness and obtuse mechanics that are purposefully not explained as part of the arc it wants players to go on. Is that batched in a discussion like this about games and difficulty vs accessibility?

    As games continue to mature into their own unique medium, it's tough to separate gameplay systems + complexity as part of the art form. How do designers make that more accessible if it's absolutely at odds with the game's intended purpose?
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