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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I was interested but I hear the Switch port is b r o k e n so I've avoided.
  2. I have 40000 players ahead of me in the Overwatch 2 queue ddd
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  3. Speaking of Octopath 2 this video shows more of the exploration and battling
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  4. If anyone is on the fence about Octopath I believe it's on PC Game Pass..can't imagine it's too demanding.

    I did like it a lot but it was a bit bloated
  5. The way I’ve gone from being terrified of playing Dead By Daylight to wanting to fucking swing for people who catch one person and just stand near them so they can’t be unhooked.

    Fuck OFF!
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  6. I decided a few weeks ago to venture out of my usual Wraith, Twins, Wesker & Bubba plays in Dead by Daylight and try out the other killers. A few things:

    The Nurse on console is an absolute task from hell. Never again.

    The Doctor is fun but I cannot time my electro shocks correctly, he’s definitely got a learning curve.

    The Pig isn’t as bad as content creators made her out to be, she’s got insane slowdown.

    The Huntress is an icon, a legend, the moment. So much fun but trying to get those hatchet snipes is difficult.

    The Trickster is a poor man’s Huntress. The Huntress outsold!

    The Plague is quite weak? Survivors can easily counter her & her sick has the worst hit boxes in the entire game.

    I’m going to give The Deathslinger a go later today but I’m not sure he’s going to be my fave.
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  7. I wouldn't believe anything it says. It kept saying I had 0 players ahead of me in queue then after saying that for like 10 minutes it would give me an "unexpected error with server when trying to login" message. I believe I heard Overwatch servers were ddosed last night, causing alot of the issues. Hopefully they are ironed out today because I kept trying and eventually got to play one game after buying my battle pass and then got kicked out of the second one.

    I also don't like that I didn't see a 'find groups' function, so hopefully that comes back because I'm not solo queueing forever.
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  8. Never made it into Overwatch 2 yesterday because I kept getting error messages, maybe today will be more fortuitous.

  9. Maybe all the jokes about not getting the game until 2024 were true, as in they'll be a game be we won't be able to actually play it until 2024.
  10. I managed to get onto the game last night after 2 hours of waiting in the queue, only to find that none of my skins/progression has been carried over from OW1 and most of the old heroes are locked. Kii.

  11. Didn't get a Street Fighter 6 beta invite. Feels bad!!
  12. BTG


    I also didn’t get selected for the SF6 beta.

  13. I played a couple matches on OW2. The glow up feels nice. I hate Junker Queen and Kiriko. And having one tank kinda sucks for supports cause our ass are more open for being killed than ever before.
  14. It feels more like Overwatch 1.5 to be honest. I'm afraid beta players might have been too conservative in their feedback.
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  15. BTG


    Speaking of SF6, the battle hub intro is now online and the host is very queer.

    It’s giving Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element.

    Make them playable as DLC. I stan.
  16. "2000 people ahead of you..."

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  17. Here I was thinking "okay I might actually be able to play a game or two" last night at 10:30 only to find out the game was unavailable for three hours due to maintenance. Sigh.
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  18. Don’t want to jinx it, but after the maintenance last night I’m finally able to just load into the game on both console and PC. Hopefully we’re past the server woes…
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  19. So I normally play with my hunties in Europe from here and this is how the game looks anytime you’re over 150 ms now. This was never an issue during OW1, but it’s basically unplayable now. Mind you I still got play of the game as Moira & Symm while playing like this but I shouldn’t have to!! Fix it!
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  20. Seems a Crash-related announcement is happening December 8th. I'd very much be here for Crash 5, though what I'd really, really love is Spyro 4... I'm still hoping that that is somehow still coming and hasn't been cancelled.
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