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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Ok Tunic has no right to be as beautiful and brilliant as it is. And it was made by one guy!
  2. The way New Tales From The Borderlands went from "absolutely must play" to "might pick it up on sale sometime" for me. I loved the first one and was really looking forward to this, but nothing about it is grabbing me in the slightest.
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  3. He


    I wish it would go on PlayStationPlus Extra, it looks so stunning.
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  4. Hey guys, is anyone else having problems with Steam? I log in with my email and password but I never get the varication code for the Steam Guard thing. Not sure what can I do to fix this.
  5. Gosh I am tempted as ever to get Persona Royal 5 since it is now on Xbox, but as an action RPG player who sucks at strategy games I am scared I will hate turn-based combat because I will have no fucking clue what to do. However I know I will like the rest of the game. So torn.
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  6. I completely understand this, but most turn-based systems (and certainly Persona's) are pretty simple and are not nearly as hard to come to grips with as strategy games.
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  7. For what it’s worth, I think Persona 5 has probably thee snappiest most engaging turn based combat I’ve played (mind you I’m a turn based/action equally kind of girly) and even if the combat isn’t the most engaging for you, every other area of the game is basically perfect.
  8. Play it on game pass?
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  9. Are there any players of Humankind / Civ 6 ?
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  10. I still have not checked for this but now, i'm scared. The first one was my most favorite Telltale game, it was so robust with great characters, humor, action and surpsiningly heart felt moments... I really do hope that they won't fuck this up.

    Oh now that i'm here, let me ask something. I have seen Control on sale on Epic Games and i want to buy it. Has anyone played that one here? People been saying it is a cryptic game and that somehow makes me interested.
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  11. It's on Game Pass regardless but I think 5 does a nice job of easing in. There's several difficulty modes too and the easiest really does make it so you can just enjoy the story and social aspects
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  12. Control is an exceptional game. I highly recommend it. One of the rare games that manages to capture the sense of mystery so, so well. It also has one of the best action sequences of all time.
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  13. I don't have that, I just look for sales for the games I want to play and usually are only playing a couple a time. It works for me and I don't think I'd get the best value out of having a game pass subscription.

    I will probably give it a try especially if there's an easy mode to learn with as @joe_alouder pointed out.
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  14. For those who asked about P5 Royal performance on Switch: It does look a little blurry in handheld mode, and maybe grainier than on PS4 when docked, but the frame rate is totally smooth and the UI and animations actually look quite nice on the OLED screen. It also feels like things load faster than on PS4, somehow?

    Basically, you can tell it’s on older hardware, but the sacrifices are so small compared to what you’re getting, re: portability.

  15. Best endeavors to them.
  16. If the question is "should I play Persona 5 (Royal)?", the answer is always yes!
    Yes, here! I've been playing the main line Civilzations since Civ 2, and have put quite some hours into 6. I also played Humankind for a while, and while it has some great ideas to shake up the formula, it didn't have the same longevity for me.
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  17. Anyone here play XCOM 2? I've had it in my backlog for years and finally decided to give it a go last weekend, and while I'm enjoying it, it's a bit frustrating how reliant on accuracy percentages the game is. Like, you're usually talking 50%-80% chance to get a hit, which results in a lot of misses, and this combined with soldiers dying really easily, so just one missed shot potentially making a ton of difference, makes the game feel a bit too luck/RNG-heavy. I'm hoping (and assuming) it gets better in that regard, after you unlock more upgrades and whatnot, because a strategy game where your characters easily miss all the time is pretty frustrating and not very fun.
  18. Wait that's shocking, I thought Humankind's gameplay looks pretty interesting based from videos that I've watched. Especially the cultural aspect of it. Why do you not really liking it ?

    I play Civ 6 recently after playing Civ 5 in my college years, though I'm still very newbie and just play on Warlord level dd. Do you have any tips to play in at least Prince level ? I think the hardest part is the starting time / 100 first turn, like I truly don't know what should I build first.
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