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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Absolutely. Nothing worse than that feeling of having wasted an hour when you fail a long battle.
  2. if theres no chao garden im not buying it
  3. God of War is so good whew
  4. Okay so I'm enjoying Gotham Knights so far. Yeah some of the controls feel a bit clunky but overall it's a solid game and I love the characters and story.
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  5. Double post but I will say that I don't like that they gave Jason that grey streak which was only part of his design when Clay face was pretending to be him during Hush I think? It's not normally part of his look.
    Also Nightwing's booty is not as juicy as it is in the comics.
  6. It's been used in some comics as well. He has it in Wayne Family Adventures, for instance. I think he has it in the New 52 as well but not sure.
  7. He has long-ish black hair in New 52 and Rebirth. Maybe I'm just used to that image of him.
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  8. Oh oops. It's been a while since I read them so I got confused.
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  9. That level on Control... Video games might have peaked there! I am totally immersed in the story and atmosphere right now, this game is indeed amazing. Thank you guys for making me purchase it.

    As soon as it is done, i will be starting Ace Attorney. I realized last night that i had one game in my library. So we are good to go.
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  10. I assume by ‘that level’ you mean the Ashtray Maze? Amazing game including a ridiculously brilliant level.
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  11. Double post, sorry, but Ragnarok is incredible so far. I’ve only played about an hour but it’s just stunning.

    I’ve cried within the first 20 minutes too.

  12. Yup! I am bad with names, i was gonna write Ash Labyrinth for a second dd.
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  13. No offense but Stray absolutely shouldn’t be there.

    Glad for the Xenoblade representation though! They won’t win, but well deserved.
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  14. I'm the only person on earth who didn't get the Playstation email for buy PSVR2 even tho I registered ... ok thanks for nothing Sony.
  15. I didn’t even know this was happening but even so, I see a lot more “I didn’t get the email” than “I preordered!”
  16. I didn’t when I registered when it went live but I did it again today and it came through so definitely try again
  17. I have! Why do they hate me?
  18. They hate me too.
  19. Pentiment getting great reviews has me so excited. Such a unique looking game and from the lead writer of New Vegas too
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