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Nearing the end of the main story of Gotham Knights and think it's pretty amazing. The segment in Arkham felt really creepy and there are so many nice Easter eggs that hint towards potential DLC stories (if we get them)
The story feels nicely fleshed out and I enjoy the side stuff with each hero and seeing the family dynamics between them all.
In terms of the 4 heroes I am having most fun with Nightwing, they nailed his acrobatic movements. Red Hood is great too but I find his melee a tad too slow. Batgirl is oddly tanky and can be a beast when in combat and it's nice to see her use batarangs and gliding. Robin is fun too but I haven't played him much. I love his bostaff combat though.

I agree with some critics that aspects feel repetitive. The fact so many criminal hideouts are the same as a few nights before can be a bore. The mission chains for Harley Clayface and Freeze were a nice bit of fun that breaks up the main questline. I hope we get some more like this.

My main issue is the grapple controls, they don't feel precise enough and can really muck up timed things. Oh and there are too many batarangs to find and they are hard to spot, at least for me. I also don't understand the costume transmog/blueprint thing.

All in all, a solid game not without its flaws but one I know I will happily replay again and again.
Started Okami (PS4 version) yesterday


The fact that this game was originally released back in 2006 but still feels totally fresh and looks absolutely beautiful in 2022... truly one of the very best of all time.
Some youtubers have gotten to post early first impressions of Marvel Midnight Suns. Seems to be pretty favorably received, but said that it's a very story heavy game with dialog moreso than actual combat. So.. hm. Guess we'll see. I've been really wanting to play it.
I’m taking all of this with a pinch of salt of course, but I need someone to make this happen. I’m terrible at all the games pre-Legend, but I would still part with my cash for remasters that I’ll never complete!

My issue with the PS1 era entries is that the controls have aged really badly. They were hard to start with, but now they are pretty much unplayable for me.

But then, implementing more precise controls when the games weren't designed for that might break the experience?
As clunky and stiff the classic era Tomb Raider games were, I adore them still. I miss the cheesy action movie feel the games used to have, I respect the Reboot trilogy but it just was not for me. The new game having any resemblance of Classic/LAU Lara would satisfy me.

I have been waiting for the first three classic games to receive the Crash/Spyro remaster treatment but at this point, is it even worth the trouble? The tank controls and grid system will get trashed by newer players today, but you also can’t just completely change the mechanics. Also the Classic TR fans on Twitter are fucking unhinged so they kinda don’t deserve remasters after how they have continually harassed Crystal Dynamics employees.
I have it on easy mode because I just want to enjoy the story (and boy am I enjoying it so far!) and I know I will suck at the combat on harder modes once the enemies get harder. However, I'm only thru Tuesday April 12th in the game (which has so much content it took literally hours and I know the game has months to go on its calendar) -- but yeah, Persona 5 Royal where have you been all my life?

I might be biased because I do live and breathe Tomb Raider but I don’t think the classic controls are bad at all? They’re a relic of a bygone era certainly, but they work in tandem with the grid system that the games are built around and the training levels do a great job of laying out how they work. There’s a preciseness to them that you don’t see in modern games or even in similarly tank controlled games of the time which makes them really satisfying.

That said, I don’t think the goal for any remasters should be to modernise the classics in any way, but just to tidy up the textures, resolution and have them playable on modern platforms. Getting the classics to run efficiently through steam is a fucker so I’d be more than happy to just have 1-5 (even AoD if the resource is there) accessible with perhaps some quality of life additions with quick saves / loads and maybe the rewind feature that you see on a lot of rereleases of older games nowadays. Do that, stick them on the switch, and I’ll be happy.

Whilst I can understand wanting to appeal to a new audience, that’s what the new entries are for and the franchise is confirmed to be continuing so the classics should remain as they are for those that want to revisit them without spending hours downloading mods.
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