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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. So a backdated pay of a pay rise I didn’t realise I’d had means I can afford a steam deck much sooner than I thought [​IMG]
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  2. I'd aim for a second hand copy then, it's really a solid game with a great cast of characters. It has your typical heroes like the Guardians, Captain America, Thor etc. but some really underused ones who are fun like Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Morbius and Elsa Bloodstone.
    Plus the DLCs are all solid and the Fantastic 4 story is a great post game addition.

    EDIT: The Guardians game is really fun too, I hope you enjoy it.
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  3. The Guardians game is really good, surprisingly moving story too
  4. And here I was baiting you to talk about Sonic!
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  5. He


    It really is!
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  6. I'm genuinely too biased to be usefully objective ddd
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  7. I’m 50 hours in to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with no signs of slowing down and holy shit what a towering achievement of a game.

    The world is vast, the side quests range from thrilling to hilarious, tracking down the
    cult members is super engaging,
    and Kassandra is one of the best protagonists the franchise has ever seen. I know I’m four years late, but wig.
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  8. I bought all the originals on Steam yesterday because they were less than $1 each but now I’m worried the controls are going to be garbage. Oh well!
  9. Okay but Alexios is more fun though.
  10. I mean, your mileage may vary, but any chance I get to play a kickass woman I will. From what I’ve seen the voice acting for Kass is infinitely better too.

    Plus, she’s canon.
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  11. I like the more jovial nature of Alexios. It makes the more emotive moments more powerful for me. Although both voice actors were brilliant.
  12. I'm 15 min in Buried Stars and

    Not bullying scandal right off the bat.

    I have also finally decided to do the dlcs for Dragon Age Inquisition and they kind of do serve. The neverending yet empty sidequests bored me the fuck out in the main game so the more focused and nuanced story telling is a welcome pace of change.
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  13. Okay much as I live for my Chaos Magic using Mum, this game really nerfed Wanda. She is terrible.
  14. I was hoping Octopath Traveler would be on Steam Black Friday sale but its not. I wasn't expecting to see the same price for game that was released a few years ago and its upcoming sequel. But hey, I grabbed Syberia 1 and 2 for 3 euros, yay!
  15. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts on my Playstation for the first time. Looking forward to it.
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  16. Is anyone playing Marvel Snap? It has me in a chokehold.
  17. You're probably going to love it. I played I and II back when they came out, but it was so great being able to go through the entire series a while back thanks to the collections.
  18. I only played a little bit of it last night before going to bed - pretty much just the tutorial - but I was having a good time. I used to have one for the Game Boy Advance as a kid (actually I might still have it somewhere) and I remember really liking it, although the story confused me ddd.
    I will say, the changed colors for Cinderella and Belle were weird and a little off putting dddd.
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  19. Playing around with different characters in MUA3 compared to the last time I played it and Psylocke remains just as OP and epic as she was in the second game. She decimates stagger bars and has a great AOE move. Captain America feels way stronger than he has in the other two games too.
    Thor and Ms Marvel are the two I used before who I continue using just because they are so damn good.
    Shout out to Iron Fist and Spider Gwen though. Both really rather awesome.

    Also the AI is really smart too? Like your other heroes will revive a fallen member on their own accord and pick up and throw items/ access weapons too.
  20. Nn @joe_alouder Frontiers is weird as hell but I like it. Absolutely worth the 35 dollars so far.
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