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I tried really hard to get into Persona 5, having never played a Persona before. I love the characters and the design of the game. It's just too long for my attention span. I like games I can play in shorter sessions, or put down for a few months and come back to and not be entirely lost on where I left off.
Plus the time limit "Days Left" stuff gives me anxiety... but I don't just want to be reading a guide or a walkthrough to tell me what I should be doing on each day.
Forspoken reviews
I am finally popping back into P5R and just finished the Pyramid and I am 60 hours in and feel like I am nowhere near being done and I'm like please game. please.

The worst for me is that from here on out it seems like every dungeon is the definitive encounter, only to realize there is still one more twist, one more boss, one more entire dungeon.

I have been on multiple rushes to end the game in the last year and I'm still nowhere near counting with the extra semester from Royal.
I never thought the game gave the impression is was close to ending until much later than that? I mean, when you don't even have your full party in an RPG yet it's pretty clear there's a good while to go still. That said, in Persona and other games with a calendar, I always like checking what the final date is in advance, just to have an idea of how long the game is and to be able to handle the time manage aspect better.
I don't know if I prefer this 'shuffle time' over opening chests and/or negotiating with enemies, but it is fun.

Also guides do come in handy as far as knowing what rank I need to start having a linked persona for hang outs with confidants and I do use fuse calculator charts online to help me be able to figure out how to get a certain arcanas when it doesn't seem obvious based on the few personas I have early in the game.
Honestly, even if some of it might not have necessarily aged that well, the fact that a game originally released almost fifteen years ago even tackled the issues with did with Kanji and Naoto will always be impressive to me.

Unrelated, but I always thought the way Persona 4 explored how the opening of a big chain store can affect a small town and everybody living in it was super interesting, I don't think I've ever seen that in any other game.
Honestly yeah, the fact they were willing to discuss the topics at all is commendable vs. most JRPGs queer coding characters but never actually creating genuine visibility.

I was more so referring to the ambiguity of Kanji's sexuality, I believe it's in his social link where things get fleshed out further and he realizes that what he likes =/= predicate sexuality and vice versa but I feel like the Persona community didn't agree with that nn. Perhaps extrapolation on my part but I want to believe!
I started playing Jedi: Fallen Order last week seeing as it's free on PS Plus and what a beautiful game! It feels very Tomb Raider 2013 to me, which I don't hate as that was my favourite out of the trilogy. The combat is really fun too and so far I like the characters.

And speaking of Tomb Raider, what is going on with Reloaded. It says it was out last year but it's apparently not available in the UK? I'm so confused. I don't think it looks all that great but I really want to play it.