Video Games

I’m guessing they didn’t press enough copies of Dead Space for PS5 as it seems to be sold out in most places, I was lucky enough to get one from Argos
Dead by Daylight is utterly miserable for me now. This is the first time in 5 years that I feel like taking a break because every single game is just gens exploding every 5 seconds.
For FF14, can you stop your subscription for a bit, go back and still pick up where you left off? I am struggling to find time to play right now and it's a waste of money paying for something I'm not using.
I am thinking of getting back to FF14 eventually, its been about a year ago that I stopped. I think I will need to watch some recap videos to remember where I left off and also remember how to play, the rotations etc. There is a guy called WeskAlber on Youtube who gives advice for best rotations, his videos helped me a lot while I was playing.