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It looks great. The character switching with the SSR is pretty awesome. Can't say it's doing anything crazy new but I'm sure it'll be really good
Absolutely gagged we're getting all 3 metal gears together, could not be more excited. First one is my favorite gaming experience ever, and I've been hoping for a remake for decades now.
I think Metal Gear 3 is the only one getting a remake. The original 3 games was a separate bundle.
MGS3 is one of the greatest games of all time!! Daddy Snake <333

I have the original games and the PS3 collection (which is more comprehensive) so I'm not in a major rush for any of this though. Let me wait for some Actual Gameplay Footage. It's just a shame that Kojima is not associated with the remake. I'm curious what kind of...creative liberties they'll take with the plot and characters, or if everything will be 1:1 with the original.

Also guessing since the plan is to do 1-4 in chronological order(?), I wonder if they're gonna throw in Metal Gear 1 + 2 as well.

I never played these games. Are they all very connected? I am asking because I wonder whether I will be able to play the remake without playing the other games

It's actually a prequel that gives deeper context to the motivations of a lot of characters and sets the stage for the rest of the series/Solid Snake era. You'll miss some references, that's it.