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Don’t know how unpopular it is over here but I have to say I’m shaking for the new Diablo, girls.
I’m having a Michaelajacksonpopcorn.gif moment watching the meltdown on Twitter over PS5 users not being able to get into the early access.

Mind you, I’m one of them, but perspective says 50 minutes to wait isn’t a huge deal. I’ve read one user literally call the delay “abuse” and another claim they deserve compensation for lost wages, since they took off work.
Happy not E3 week. Couple of indie shows this week along with Summer Games Fest on Thursday night, the Xbox Showcase + Starfield Direct and Ubisoft Forward next week Monday (Avatar/Assassin's Creed confirmed, I reckon we may see the Star Wars game too)
I’ve bought SF6. Capcom finally made a 3D Street Fighter that wasn’t visually hideous and they got me gal.

SF6 is so incredibly good. I'm more of a #competitive SF player and this game feels a lot more flexible and freeform than 5 did (which I still adored). They've given every character WAY more tools and options to the point that each 6 character feels almost 1.5 to 2x deeper than any iteration in 5. There's also SO many different system that every situation you're in in a fight can have multiple "answers." Really, really cool stuff. Also helps that they completely fixed a bunch of quality of life issues with online lobbies and ranked, and the netcode is incredible.

And the fact that they did all of this deepening of the systems while also adding in Modern controls in a way that enhances accessibility? Brilliance.
World Tour is absolutely Yakuza meets MK Konquest mode and it is an absolute romp. Getting to run around Metro City and visit other countries to speak with all your SF faves, learn their moves and receive texts from them is really fun. Everything is colorful and super charming with an amazing character creator.

Here is my character with Marissa and some rando who is the Ken you have at home.
I want to get SF6 but I know a championship edition will be out within a year. Anyone here buy Diablo IV yet? Looks like a game I can spend HOURS in.
Anyone here buy Diablo IV yet? Looks like a game I can spend HOURS in.
I've had it on early access. I've taken it slow to enjoy the story, so I'm only about halfway through the main plot with a level 46 character. The story and worldbuilding are (so far) the best in any Diablo game, and it does a better job of capturing the horror mood than anything since the first.

That said I'm a bit concerned about itemization, aside from picking a higher damage weapon and the legendary aspects, it doesn't feel like items matter too much. The affixes are just too weak and often situational. Lots of choices, but not very meaningful ones. I took some advice to just worry about upgrading your weapon, shove all your legandary aspects on low level jewellery and armour and then don't worry about replacing them until endgame, and sadly that is working just fine. I've heard that's more a midgame issue, and things pick up when you are picking high-end gear that you intend to keep for a while.

I have a few other gripes (there are a couple of minor systems that are the same as Diablo 3 but slightly worse, which is just frustrating), but this feels like a really solid foundation for a game. Moreso than D3 at launch, and dare I say D2. I think people forget how much patches and expansions improved both those games, and given the devs have said they're already working on two expansions, plus the seasonal content, I'm very confident things will only get better.
Yeah, I’d echo that the world is better than Diablo 3. I’d hesitate to compare it to 2, because that game set so many standards for the franchise that this game just builds upon.

I think with items, I’m overwhelmed with choices that feel like false choices, because a lot of the stat gains and effects seem to be doing variations of the same thing. And as you said, I’m making choices knowing I’m going to dump an item not long after anyway. But I suppose that’s always been a quirk of these games. There are also effects (i.e., “overpowered”) that I don’t understand even after reading about them, and I must have missed the memo on Willpower getting added to base stats.

Overall, though, a lot to love here. I’m taking my time with it, so I’m still level 21 and in the early region.