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Just finished the first episode and wow, that was great. I’m not well versed on Fallout lore - the only one I’ve played the full way through is Fallout 3 - but this seems fairly accessible for people new to the franchise. Excited for the rest of it
After two years of being stuck on Stormveil Castle I decided to restart Elden Ring and just cheese the fuck out of the early game with prophet so I can prance around as a magic glass cannon.

Utilized blood loss to slay Greyoll and it was...weirdly moving watching her die? RIP queen, thanks for the runes

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I thought the origin of Vault Boy would be awkward but its kind of a really great in and tragic story. Using the Ghoul as the connective tissue between the past and present Vault Tec storylines is great too
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Spider-Man 2 still not coming down in price anywhere. Grr. I really want it but I never tend to buy PS5 games at full price because it's a bit much. I was hoping they'd drop it by now.
i might go and look for a second hand one in CEX tomorrow. I've been reading a lot of Amazing Spider-Man comics and feel the need to web swing.
Girls I would like some insight on the SMT 3: Nocturne remaster. Thinking about pulling the trigger to mix in with Elden Ring during my mini vacation but I’ve heard it’s punishing as hell. Worth the investment?
I've actually been sitting on the Nocturne remaster for ages myself, I should really get around to starting it soon. The original was definitely challenging, but it wasn't ridiculously so. Like you can get by fine if you get the mechanics and have a solid team, it's not like you're required to spend ages grinding or anything like that.