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Oh my God I was dieing for TXSF, I was sure it had been cancelled!!?

My Dad got a fancy new PC so I caved and downloaded the Sims 4 as it was on sale. Oh, I'm in love! I already have a folder full of custom content.
Oh my God I was dieing for TXSF, I was sure it had been cancelled!!?

My Dad got a fancy new PC so I caved and downloaded the Sims 4 as it was on sale. Oh, I'm in love! I already have a folder full of custom content.
I thought it had been cancelled as well. Apparently he was just waiting for the right time to bring it out, he said it's almost finished development and the characters have been decided for quite a long time.

I hope it's got loads of characters and not just a few.
Seeing all the pictures and messages of support for Iwata-San on the day of his funeral has restored my faith in humanity. The respect and love shown has been incredible.
In my desperation (and thankfully my brothers) I've pre-ordered Street Fighter V for PS4 on the US PSN because you get a guaranteed beta, I understand. Capcom have also taken the years of SFIV criticism on board, and are now saying the first release is the ONLY release you'll need. Begins with 16 characters, with more eventually being released as DLC, no "Super Street Fighter Ultimate 5 Arcade Edition 2017", thankfully.

And there will be a currency system (like Killer Instinct on XBox One) that allows you to buy DLC things through the game without using real money, which they will hopefully stick with!
Managed to beat Mass Effect 3 last night and was reasonably pleased with how everything was tied up. There were a few niggles (Kai Leng being shit, Miranda's dad being shit, Samara's minimal presence) but they did a pretty good job with it. I accidentally chose to synthesise at the end, instead of destroy, but the EDI voice over was pretty affecting so I didn't feel too cheated. I wish it was a bit longer too. I completed all the missions and there seemed to be fewer distractions and plotted sidequests to flesh out the story; I'd have loved to revisit more of the places from the first two games.

Sad, but I was thirsting for more Shep x Kaidan scenes. The scene where they say goodbye as you head towards the conduit. I went on Youtube and watched the DLC stuff immediately afterwards. Oop.
I finished the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time recently, too! After spending so much time with the series and loving every second of it, I was a bit disappointed in the ending. I chose synthesis too; I assumed that since it's only available if you do enough in-game, that it was the "best" ending. Which I guess it was, but it just felt like a bit of a cop-out.

Totally cried when my Shep was saying goodbye to my beloved Garrus, though. I wasn't ready for that.

Assuming Bioware use a save-reading thing for Andromeda like they did with Inquisition, I really hope that choosing Synthesis at the end doesn't mean that everyone in the new game has the dumb glowy green eyes.
I've been feeling more empty today as it's settled in. I hope the next instalment features more open world play. They didn't really strike the balance with the third; the first game was just massive while the second gave you the rich character development thanks to the loyalty missions. I kept stopping by Kaidan's cabin for more and left disappointed as he blanked me like a stranger. The scene between Garrus and Shep was great; my go-to was Liara so her interactions hit me the most. I'll always feel guilty for cheating on her. She seemed to lose the naïve spark.

I think I'll go back and dash through the final mission again later to see the destroy ending. I feel bad for frazzling EDI already but hey, anything sounds better than the ascension ending.

And yeah, I wonder what they do for the new game considering how vastly different the endings are. They said it's going to be set in the far future but... I mean, there's a universe where all sentient technology has been toast and a universe where everything is green and bound.
I kinda assumed that Kaidan blanked me near the end of the game because I romanced him (by accident) in the first game then abandoned him for some Turian lovin'. That's a bit weird if he was like that for you, too!

Yeah, I considered running through the last mission again to make a different choice, but I genuinely don't think I could cope - that brutal onslaught while you're trying to open the portal to the Crucible was probably the most intensely stressful thing I've ever attempted. It really did feel like the end of the world though, I appreciated that.

Maybe they'll find a way around the multiple-endings issue since Andromeda is an entirely different galaxy? They could just say the effects of the Crucible didn't reach that far. I have high hopes for the new game though, I'd say a massive open world is pretty likely after what they did with Inquisition!
Ugh I'm pissed off at Rise of the Tomb Raider being an X-Box exclusive for a WHOLE YEAR. Anyway I bought Final Fantasy Type-0 and I'm rather excited to play it.