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Videos I have been showing everyone.

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by huntypoo, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I can't at the 'noise' she was making...
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  2. You can be fabulous. You'll just never be Joan Collins Fabulous.
  3. Your life has not began until you have seen every single one of the videos on this channel.
  4. kal


  5. [video=youtube;yBj4I7gyaDM][/video]

    LQ but Amazing, "Daddily Duties" and of course the performance at the end.
  6. My friend just sent this to me on Facebook. I'm not sure if this is really awesome or awesomely bad but it's stuck in my head

  7. [video=youtube;w2NUqtw8b4g][/video]
    Truly hilarious. I've watched this show 5 times through showing it to many people (who also love it.)
  8. [video=youtube;gntvP3dDknk][/video]

    I love Debra Wilson.
  9. Also:
    Diana Ross is trying to attack me!

    (corresponding post in the photoshop thread)
  10. This is one of my favorite videos ever and completely justifies MADTV's existence. Every other line is gold.

    "WHY?! Becaaaaause, I will always love yo-OOOUUU...'cause the fish don't FRY IN THE KITCHEN"
  11. I love this video so, so much.

    Merry Crystal Methmas.

    Are you ready, Diane? *wig shifted onto side*

    The second the door opens and cushions go flying. DAMN TRICK OR TREATERS!

    No this is my house! Show me your receipts!
  12. I ended up watching some classic MADtv sketches on Youtube tonight and through a parody of a telenovela series came across this utterly insane (i.e. incredible) scene from a legit Mexican soap opera. Words cannot do it justice, truly.

  13. From now on whenever there's drama I'm just gonna cry out ''POR FAVOR!!"...

    That actress must have been absolutely knackered after filming that scene!
  14. [video=youtube;6-A4zT8wp8E][/video]
  15. I still completely lose it to "You Forgot Blueberries".

    "It's yumma!"
  16. [video=youtube;vLcvCH1h1qk][/video]


    "Banoodle! Ugh. Reminds me of my ex."
  17. One of my favourites.

    "Or your imagination..."
  18. I actually own an entire drawer of ba'noodles. I rarely remember to use them but it's comforting knowing they're there.
  19. Oh my god I miss David Firth.
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