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Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory (produced by SOPHIE, Flume, Jimmy Edgar)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. You don't like goldfish?
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  2. No. Party People is dat bωp though.
  3. The album cover gives me rave and/or ambient circa 1996 which is very misleading.

    The album is AMAZING.
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  4. But the thing is that his debut album is also amazing. Okay he transformed with the second album into sth else. Like a post-internet meta-Kanye (meets Azealia gettin her shit together).
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  5. I found the album very Azealia-esque too. I wonder what does she think about it?
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  6. Just finished my second listen through. Holy shit, what a great record.
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  7. SOPHIE needs to produce hip-hop-leaning stuff more often.
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  8. Popping by to acknowledge that, yes, this album is indeed a revelation. Damn.
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  9. She tweeted she wasn't crazy about it.
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  10. "Yeah Right" is such a banger.
  11. Guys how perfect is "BagBak"? Holy shit.
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  12. Perched for her 2023 tweet of 'Vince soz I was well jell'.

  13. BOW down to this firey track.
  14. This is the best album released this year that isn't by Lorde.
  15. Oh wow this completely caught me by surprise. Yeah Right & Big Fish are the ones. SOPHIE's production works surprisingly well with rap. The whole album is such an EASY listen, breezed right through. This is what I wanted Vic Mensa to sound like.
    I'm gonna have to get that vinyl preorder now aren't I.
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  16. Run The Jewels!

    And it's redundant to even mention but there's also this classic.

    Also, recently converted Vince stans need to check out his amazing Clams Casino feature (and video):

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  17. BML


    This is definitely my album of the year.

    Even though the vinyl release is a fucking mess.
  18. This album keeps me coming back constantly. It's tight, it's thoughtful, it bangs.
  19. They played "Big Fish" on Veronica Mars and I immediately had to Shazam it. I've been listening to the album for the past couple of days and it sounds fresh.
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