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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Was able to pick up Jessie from Vinyl Tap in Nashville but alas no Mariah; I’ll hunt online at some point.
  2. I was able to get Madonna here in LA but my shop were out of Mariah and Mel C. A friend in Portland was able to grab Mariah for me, so looks like I'm getting Northern Star from eBay.
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  3. Praying a link pops up for Sara. 3 stores today, all no luck. Resell premiums already starting
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  6. My Mariah's damaged. Can't believe Mimi hates me.
  7. Mel C:

    If you call them, they are taking phone orders right now for shipping. Standard shipping is $7 with tracking. It may take a few tries to get through on the phone but I got my order in an hour ago. Otherwise it’ll be available to buy on their website in the morning.

    They are a great store and the owners wife Annette is taking the orders and she’s super sweet!
  8. Finally got Northern Star at a normal price, but shipping and tax still put it at $70 in the end. Oh well, thank god for Pay in 4.
  9. A friend of mine is desperate for the RSD Fragma release. Does anyone have a spare to sell or know any way to get it? He's in London, but couldn't find it anywhere today!
  10. Simon Cowell when Echo flopped:
  11. Ugh.... Clean version of Sweetheart on #1's. It was probably clean on the CD, but it's still annoying. I'm shocked that this plays perfectly because the vinyl looked awful.
  12. Yeah, I am pretty sure the explicit was only on JD’s album version and the promo at the time. Glad to hear the vinyl plays well. I have not opened mine yet!
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  13. Does anyone know, do we have to line up again in June for the records that were pushed back?
    Or are these just going to be available online on the 18th?
  14. I think technically we're supposed to, I know my local's listings have the June 18th releases with an online date of June 25th, but I'm assuming places will be way more lax.
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  15. Is it back to just one april rsd (and then a mini black friday one in nov) or is the 2 part one due to the pandemi now a thing?
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  16. The second June one doesn’t seem to be related to COVID concerns, more that a lot of these pressings missed the deadline. I don’t think the backlog is decreasing any time soon, so they’ll probably change their way of thinking next year, probably would’ve been smarter to delay them until Black Friday teebs.
  17. My nu-metal loving self is still looking for Kittie.
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  18. It doesn’t look like Resident have sold out yet:

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  20. Apparently only 900 copies of Northern Star were printed? Did they really just want to piss off people with that amount?
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