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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Thank you! Much appreciated!
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  2. Snagged Kittie and PinkPantheress. That's all I needed. I'm happy.
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  3. #1s sounds fucking incredible. I'm getting goosebumps non-stop!
  4. So did Nicki Minaj pink Friday not see a release in the UK??
  5. I could smooch you for Mel C help!
    Scandinavians they don’t have a tendency to cancel orders do they?

    If anyone sees Betty Harris - ‘The lost queen of New Orleans’ available could they post here?
    That’s my next mission to find.
  6. Okay, May has to be a no buy month. I just spent a silly amount on an original 12" of Stardust 'Music Sounds Better With You'. It was unnecessary but I simply needed it?

    No buys, only pre orders.
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  7. I'm going to try and attempt this for May too.

    Just waiting on:
    Dance Fever
    Planet HER
    Sweetener / thank u next / Dangerous Woman
    Ultimate Aaliyah (probs not coming until June)
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  8. I got another Mariah!
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  9. Fingers crossed my Sara order on Yellow Dog stays confirmed!!!
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  10. I swear every damn tiktok at the moment is about people who either got or didn’t get The Lakes…. As if anyone who actually did get it is ever going to play it again after this weekend dd
  11. I'm feeling anxious about waiting for Friday's online sales. Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm determined not to give in to the eBay scalpers though. I'm after Melanie C and Mariah!
  12. I feel you Jay! Mel C is not RSD exclusive so we should be able to get it at some point but I also need Mariah!
  13. 950 for the UK is my understanding. 2,500 worldwide.
  14. Same here!
    I thought I had a sure-fire hand on Melanie C at the most local record store to me (which is still about 30 miles away) and they’ve updated their online saying that it’s sold out, so will be anxious to get Melanie C from somewhere! I guess it saves me travelling to there to be disappointed! If I can’t get one, I’ll wait for the apparent wider release that might happen.
    Hoping I can get Mariah on Friday online as not as fussed with that one but would be nice to get.
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  15. Vinyl Tik Tok is dominated by Swifties nn, they are everywhere.
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  17. London peeps… I went to Banquet Records in Kingston today. Spent too much! Sadly they’re out of Taylor and The Streets but they had a lot of stuff still.

    Managed to get Melanie C, Mariah, Madonna, Rizzle Kicks, Corinne Bailey Rae, The Offspring and Jessie Ware. What a result!

    After mine (and I checked before I left the store), they had 3 copies of Melanie and Corinne left so if you want those get there quick.

    I saw someone ask about Fragma, they had about 4 copies of that. EDIT: @SlowBurn

    They had plenty of Mariah and Madonna so I can see those being available for the online sales (but don’t hold me to this!).

    Hope this is of help to people!
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  18. Did you spot Kate Havnevik while you were there?
  19. I didn’t I’m afraid, well worth Tweeting them at @BanquetRSDFeed though as they are super responsive.
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