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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Ty!

    I balked at Amazon Charging £40 but at least they have their pre order guarantee or whatever
  2. So I’m in London (for Little Mix in Manchester Saturday). What’s a good record spot to check out while here? Rough Trade?
  3. Brandy best of is £21 on Amazon

    best I’ve seen xx
  4. That's the first place I head every time I land in London (much to the annoyance of friends and family).
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  5. Sister Ray, Phonica and Sound of the Universe. Both in Soho area.
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  6. and reckless for used
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  7. That’s great! Aren’t they so nice? The album covers look amazing big.
  8. I scratched my VMP Art Angels. Does anyone have a time machine because I would really like to not have done that!!
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  9. Signed repress of the Slayyyter mixtape on an opaque pink/white splatter. Looks to be only available on tour for now.

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  10. I've wanted this for a while now, do i trust this to be available on her UK dates? Hmm
  11. Flashback Records in Shoreditch and Islington as well. The latter had a sensational pop selection last time I went there.
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  12. I hate tour exclusive vinyl for standing gigs - you either choose to get it after the show, by which point it’s usually sold out, or buy before the show in the full knowledge it will be crushed and dented during the show by demon twinks with no spatial awareness!!

    Which is also part of the fun of gigs, no one should spend their time worrying about their vinyl getting damaged, nor should other people have to worry about crushing vinyl of people nearby because they’re having a good time.
  13. This! I love that some artists have started to sign records for their gigs. Most recently bought one at Tash Sultana, but then proceeded to put it in the cloak room out of damage fear.
  14. Still have really fond memories of the Shura gig I went to where everyone who arrived was handed a free 12" at the door, of an exclusive track you couldn't get anywhere else. What an amazing freebie!
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  15. I was at the first show of that tour and she came on and said “We really should’ve handed those out at the end, shouldn’t we?”
  16. I went to one of Shura's gigs and turned up too late to get the free 12". Gutted.
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  17. Not the Spotify exclusive of the new Arcade Fire being a damn screenshot with the intern's cursor still on it. Labels just don't give a fuck anymore

  18. Straight into my top two of cursors.


  19. The Confidence Man tilted vinyl sleeve is wonderfully silly
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