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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Another one not for me, but my God I have to applaud the efforts and love that you’ve started doing merch to coincide with releases.
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  2. Aww thanks. That’s made me a bit emosh. I’ve had a really rough couple of months so I’m very ready for some happy!!
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  3. Recordstore let me re-order the Ariana bundle via private link and it's already processed. Now we wait for that UK delivery to the US! Crisis averted.
  4. Good luck with this! You’re doing amazing work, hope it all goes well for you!!
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  5. You’re doing the lord’s work @Dark Ballet. I can’t wait for a few of my all time faves to hopefully get this incredible treatment.
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  6. Managed to find a copy of Carly’s Dedicated in my local hmv for £10.99 so grabbed it. Couldn’t have been happier with that find as it definitely hadn’t been there before.
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  7. Yeah there seems to be another repress of Taylor's BMG albums. When I was in Rough Trade East last week, they had a ton of 1989 (tagged as Rough Trade's Selection), debut, and Red.
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  8. I’ve gotten the Nicola and Whigfield releases! Thank you so much! If I may drop a suggestion of possibly pressing Cocknbullkid’s Adulthood?!?!
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  9. There’s been a fair few represses of records that have been unavailable for a year or more. I presume it’s just pressing plants catching up with back orders?
  10. Taken from Reddit, but True Romance and Sucker are returning.

    Those dates seem... ambitious, unless they're just going to do a plain black restock without any fanfare.
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  13. Is there a standard cd version of just the vinyl with bonus cd?
  14. The Vinyl and Renix Cd only.

    The production costs of CD’s have increased and the minimums are so high that I will be lucky break even on them.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    We had about 20 1989's arrive in stock today n n n!
  16. I will lose my mind at a colored True Romance repress. Guess I’ll have to get Sucker too just so I can complete my collection. How do the OG pressings sound?
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  17. My True Romance pressing sounds absolutely brilliant.
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