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Vinyljustice 2.0

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. As someone who works in comms, this… isn’t it. Now which intern do we blame?
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  2. *sighs*
    "It's probably not an intern but an incompetent senior, stop blaming juniors and up and coming professionals who struggle to make themselves seen or valued within a company" klaxon
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  3. The whole press release is a trip indeed but this paragraph is sending me.

  4. It's giving 'How we made 90s Yugoslavian bootleg CD plant' interview.
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  5. Narrator: It was not a smart thing to do.
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  6. Stans when they review new leaks and claim the album of the decade (tm) is arriving:
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  8. Ordered the hot lava signed bundle, can't wait!
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  9. That's a cover baby.
  10. My ariana bundle arrived! Sweetener is so pretty, in love! And I managed to get some kind of heart shape on the Dangerous Woman smash variant so super happy about that.

    And Zayn arrived too, that green is NEON. Very excited for my day of listening tomorrow!
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  11. 1D has arrived, I’m hoping to get them shipped by the end of the week. Unfortunately one has been quite badly damaged (on the jacket).

    I managed to get a significant refund so if you are the unlucky one I’ll make sure to refund half the cost and throw in an extra record.
  12. The fact that I've been seeing the sea glass Harry's House vinyl on eBay for $100-$200 for the past few weeks, as soon as it was sold out....that has to be illegal somehow?
  13. That Rina cover


    The...lemonade colored vinyl

    tenor (9).gif

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  14. It’s also back in stock on his website.
  15. Pleaaaassseeee. Do all four albums kweeen!
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  16. I managed to snag a signed Bodyparts last year for ridiculously cheap and Royal Blues, so having Galore and Fixin to Thrill on vinyl would be incredible.
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  17. I'm tempted - is it likely to sell out again??
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