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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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  2. What we really all want is Eleni's Fuego.
  3. releases while the song is hot
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  4. Christmas jugo de mango!
  5. upload_2022-5-19_17-19-59.png

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  6. Yeah I mean sure we know it’s hell to get anything pressed but what’s the point here. And at this price yuk
  7. My Hilary Duff self-titled delivered today from Urban's NJ warehouse in absolutely PERFECT condition. Box in box shipping, and not a dent/bend to be seen on the packaging. The inner gatefold is in pristine. Now for the nostalgic spin... great pressing.
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  8. My Amazon order of Carly’s Kiss has been shifted back to the original date of May 24th, maybe we will get it this month after all?
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  9. Looks like it, in fact Amazon now showing a release date of tomorrow.
  10. Weird, my email is now June 21st lol

    edit: May 24th for me too!
  12. Blackground cashed those checks and RAN
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  13. I mean it is Blackground.
  14. So nice that some of us got to snatch the VMP pressing.... never trust Barry or Blackground.
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  15. Didnt some people already got their vinyls from blackground? There are pictures on discogs
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  16. What's funny is my email only mentioned One in A Million but not self-titled. How odd!
  17. Hilary Duff is here and she is perfect. Maybe someone is watching over me, indeed
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