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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Looks like a color variant of Kiss is indeed coming

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  2. I wish Carla would just announce the reissue already.
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  3. Seems recordstore got the message with their last round of pressings because 'Dangerous Woman' & "sweetener' look legit with all these new shipments this week.
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  4. At least Amazon are good with returns, might keep mine sealed until we find out more about the colour variant!
  5. Wonder if we’ll get the first 3 Little Mix albums at some point? DNA is 10 this year, and the National Album Day in October is debut themed, so could be a nice tie in.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  7. Would it be up to the girls or SyCO? Cause if it’s up to SYCO it’s probably never going to happen sadly….
  8. If the listing for Kiss is accurate, they also cut off the first song. Probably due to sample clearance problems?
  9. but I need my tiny little bows!!!!
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  10. So… which Rina are we getting, girls? xx
  11. Unusually, all of the variants are a serve (though there are still too many of them). The UO grape & black galaxy is my personal favourite but I'm not paying double for shipping so I went with the Rough Trade lemonade & black galaxy.

    Sidebar, my (finally!) copy of Sawayama Deluxe arrived just now.

    The Good: Nabbed it for £17
    The Bad: Amazon Warehouse listed it "as new", and we all know how variable their grading can be. Luckily this was accurate.
    The Ugly: Amazon UK literally send it in a paper bag. I have no idea how it's not damaged to hell.
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  12. I’d definitely get the white, and the stock number is going down on recordstore, but is this variant going to show up anywhere else? Is it exclusive to them? I hate this slow roll out
  13. Yeah, I'm wondering if there's a US release?
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  14. I highly doubt there's only 300 copies of the white being made, it's probably just their allotment. The sticker and description don't mention a pressing quantity.
  15. Yeah very likely. The product page does say “Only # left”, and is slowly decreasing. I bought one just in case though. Can always cancel
  16. Tempted by the white Carly, but I had such a bad experience with Recordstore with my last order (Dubstar). 2 weeks since it’s release and still not shipped, so ended up cancelling it.
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  17. Yeah the grape and black - UO looks the best to me, but mock ups can vary. I too opted for the yellow and black as it comes with the bonus CD and this version looks very limited.
  18. Ok. Nevermind. Edit I got confused.
  19. Dropping Tiny Little Bows but keeping the Justin Bieber song? Home of phobic.
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