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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Who needed / even asked for 5 new variants of Sour…
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  2. Isn't it the best selling album of the past few years dd? They probably repressed it because old stock sold out and breaking it up into 5 variants made more sense.
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  3. Yeah probably just cashing in on the last bit of sales since it won awards and she is touring.
  4. I managed to get the crystal vellum just last month. Maybe they were making way for this new drop

    Ultimate Aaliyah only £21.50 on Amazon UK, not bad for a 3LP!
  5. Sour was the first album to sell over 100K vinyls in the US this year, of course they are gonna milk it.
  6. I'm pretty sure my UO variant was called 'purple opaque' it's a lot more like the purple on the cover/Barney purple.

  7. UO buyers definitely won on the first round. These new ones were probably ordered just as the initial variants had starting shipping and some of the variants were running out. We'll probably see this more in the future too from major labels, instead of 8 month pre-order windows being sold as "we're pressing as quickly as we can!!" it'll be "this was our plan all along, happy first anniversary".
  8. Wait then it must be that Amazon exclusive that was like a bleep on the radar. Here's the Discogs entry for that:
  9. Lil Kim PayPal gold!
  10. Which one did you order? I just got this update from them for Ultimate Aaliyah:

    Just to let you know that the release date for Aaliyah, Ultimate Aaliyah, LPx3 from Order #1694467 has changed from the original release date of Friday 24 June 2022 to Friday 16 September 2022.
  11. Finally got a shipment/label creation notice for my standard black The Spirit Room
  12. Blood Records doing another special variant with Pale Waves. It looks cool, think I’ve seen this technique before, but forgot who it might’ve been.

    I’ve been burnt twice thinking a Pale Waves album could be worth purchasing, I won’t be fooled again!!

    Does make me think they’ll do something for the upcoming Rina release though.
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  13. Rough Trade have delayed my Come Out and Play vinyl by Kim Wilde yet again. I can't understand why when people online have received theirs from other providers.
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  15. UO just emailed. Hilary Duff’s Most Wanted is delayed until June 24th.
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  16. First wave of titles for HMV vinyl week are announced Thursday.
  17. So are we finally gonna see S Club's Sunshine that Jo leaked? And do we know the dates for vinyl week?
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  18. I know this phrase appears on a lot of listings but it feels especially significant here:

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