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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. "In Stock + Shipping Now" while they sold out stock a few times and it comes from an order done in June 2021.
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  2. Anyone know if the HMV vinyl titles are available online or just in store?
  3. They cancelled my order of Pop Don´t Stop because they could not get stock? That was the final straw, I ordered that from Amazon and ordered Come Out And Play on Discogs. Both have arrived now.
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  4. I've got the white vinyl of Fever and it skips more than Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I might get the new edition if the reports are good.
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  6. No new date from FNAC for One In A Million vinyl who’s still supposed to be released this friday. Curious if I’ll get a mail or just nothing.
  7. Usually in store.
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  8. Same. It was awful. Thankfully I had a Sainsbury's version as well.
  9. Just got a message from a buyer saying the copies of Thank U Next and Sweetener they received are damaged (despite leaving positive feedback when they received them a couple weeks ago).

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  10. So Charli's store ran out of clear red vinyl, offered to send the opaque red almost two months later, and then her merch team sent out standard black vinyl? An absolute mess.
  12. Did anyone else get Miranda Lambert’s Revolution from VinylMePlease?

    I haven’t played the record yet, it looks gorgeous but wow the packaging is absolute trash. It’s so cheap looking and feeling. Feels as if they used the weakest material they could find. May as well have used paper. The mat finish doesn’t help either… no gatefold either but to be honest at this point I don’t expect one anymore. The inserts are lovely and would’ve made a great gatefold but whatever I guess. Even the seems of the sleeve look as if they’re coming apart. I don’t think I’ve ever been this disappointed with a record I’ve bought before.
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  13. That sucks. Actually surprised because the records I got from VinylMePlease (Jennifer Lopez) were stunning. Nice packaging with embossed text.
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  15. Yeah, sincerely surprised by that considering that nearly every VMP record I've gotten has been stun.
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  16. Snatched Years & Years’ Night Call on black during Urban’s in-store 40% off sale with $5 rewards today. Vinyl was $7.61. Came with a printed cardboard sleeve for the vinyl, separate from the white paper protection. Interesting.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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  18. Not this cover serving Men (2022)
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