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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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  3. I wanted this. but that shipping killed it for me.
  4. Yes
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  6. Yeah that Now HMV track list is not it, for me at least.
  7. I’ll be in Spain for Primavera Sound next week. Which Vinyljustice friendly record stores do you recommend in Madrid and Barcelona to visit during the week?
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  8. I second this as well. I vaguely remember going to a few but I completely forgot their names. There was one with original promo posters from the early 00s still up (Bjork - Vespertine, Madonna - GHV2), it felt like a little time capsule.

    Also keep an eye out for the festival record shop, if they still do have one this year. In 2019, I left with a few 12" singles including a mint Just A Little While from Janet (which I had to keep above my head during Charli XCX so that it doesn't get bent in the soup of gays, ddd)
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  9. Agreed other than 808 State
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  10. Got notification of a package from Pitney Bowes being delivered today to my apartment in the US. I’m assuming it’s the Ariana 3-vinyl bundle from recordstore. Fingers crossed the pressings are nice!
  11. So HMV vinyl day is also on the same day as RSD drop 2. And Prince - The Gold Experience is essential so that was easy.
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  12. They've arrived and WOW. They did the damn thing. These are all GORGEOUS.

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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I was going to say that there's one very PJ artist involved in this new HMV drop that you should all be excited for....but they've pulled out.
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  14. who
  15. Ah, that Sweetener is stun, I can only hope!
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  16. Maybe those Charli represses were meant for June after all?
  17. I fear True Romance & Sucker are far too iconic & legendary to ever have been in that set of albums.
  18. I realized upon opening them, I guess whoever was packaging the vinyls must have written on a piece paper ontop of the "sweetener" vinyl that it's now got an indentation of "Ariana Grande Three Vinyl Thursday 12:40 DONE" on the front of the jacket when you see it in direct sunlight..... do I complain for a new jacket?
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