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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Happy for you since 20% of posts in this thread is you wating for these, we can rest now dd
  2. [​IMG]
  3. NOT this
  4. We’ll move on. I promise.
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  6. A pick of the day in my local store.
    Actually really enjoyed the movie and have been streaming the soundtrack a lot when reading so I am thrilled to own this on wax.

  7. What a gorgeous cover too
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  8. Oh no. Cannot decide if I want the picture disc of Mabel's About Last Night instead of the pink vinyl.
  9. Which sites are Avril appearing on? Is there a track list for the demos?
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  11. Thanks, there’s a whole disc out there of unreleased tracks from these sessions, I hope some of them appear on here, if it’s just a couple of extras I might just stick to my original pressing.
    I need this to get an official release.
  12. We’re really not getting Tiny Little Bop. I thought maybe it was a mistake at first.
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  13. I cancelled my Kiss vinyl order. Without Tiny Little Bows, it's just not the album.

    Also, the deluxe tracks, especially "Drive", "I Know You Have A Girlfriend" and "Picture", are essential.
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  14. I just noticed Amazon is listing Tiny Little Bows on the vinyl.
  15. Tracklisting for Avril is popping up on some indie stores:

    1. Losing Grip
    2. Complicated
    3. Sk8er Boi
    4. I'm With You
    5. Mobile
    6. Unwanted
    7. Tomorrow
    8. Anything But Ordinary
    9. Things I'll Never Say
    10. My World
    1. Nobody's Fool
    2. Too Much To Ask
    3. Naked
    4. Why ("Complicated" B-Side)
    5. Get Over It ("Sk8er Boi" B-Side)
    6. Breakaway (New Recording)
    7. Falling Down (Sweet Home Alabama OST)
    8. I Don't Give ("Complicated" B-Side)
    9. Make Up (Previously Unreleased)
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  16. I Don’t Give is one of my favourite Avril tracks, so it’s worth it for that and Breakaway.
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  17. I have to post this one in here too F323EE71-C113-4EB9-81A6-0EE273010621.jpeg
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  18. Some stores like Crash Records, Juno, Banquet and a couple others have Tiny Little Bows still listed as A1. One of those being uDiscover's US store. I'm remaining hopeful!
  19. Love this track list. Although I would’ve preferred Let Go instead of Make Up. But we’re being fed so I can’t complain.

    Going to the effort of getting Avril to re-record Breakaway when she’s not even with RCA anymore is more than most anniversary editions get.
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