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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Don’t suppose anyone who bought the ABBA box set got two copies of The Visitors? Mine came with two copies of their self titled. Sadly bought last year and only just noticed haha
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  2. Happy for this though

  3. New Yeah Yeah Yeahs album.

    UK indies have a bunch of signed cards with them. Check Rough Trade, Banquet, Resident, etc.


    Store exclusive twister vinyl, and Secretly Society tricolour release for October.



    VMP weekly exclusives tend to be on Wednesdays, so wouldn’t be surprised if they do something.
  4. There's also an opaque yellow variant on The Sound of Vinyl and RecordStore.
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  5. My original order of Sara Barielles Little Voice went missing in the post so I ordered another from a different store. That never turned up, ordered again and...that's also gone missing.

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  6. The 4 Utada albums I decided to buy arrived today, after being sent for delivery on Monday. That DHL fast ass shipping from Japan, I love it.
  7. DHL is the most iconic shipping service bar none.

  8. where the fuck is that deep blue/purple one being sold?????

    EDIT: never mind he specifically replied to me haklgjalfgkjafglkjagljkagj

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  11. Annoyed that I missed this
  12. Is she All Terfed Out though.
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  13. It’s not been released yet.
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  14. Not released until the HHV vinyl day in a few weeks.
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  15. STOP
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  16. I’ve just got a dispatch email from Roughtrade for my Kim Wilde - Come Out and Play, I was getting a bit worried about that order!
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  17. A friend of mine is selling an unsealed/unsigned copy of Tom Aspaul - 'Black Country Disco' on pink vinyl. Sharing it here in case there's any interest:
  18. Just got back to a weeks worth of post.
    Thanks again @HeartSwells! Four was a bit mangled, but the partial refund and Signed Georgia 7" more than make up for it. You're such a good egg!
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