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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Went by the local record stores and they had Mariah #1s, for 10€ more than I bought it for at the first drop at the other store - yay! Makes me more happy about my purchase.

    also suddenly Jessie Ware - Devotion and Sara Bareilles - Little Voice there, weren’t there at first too. Lucky cigs who go out in the heat today!
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  2. Turn Me Up is the same but it goes right into the song. I think I'll return it.
  3. The HMV website is running so so slow!
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  4. Having a horrendous time of it!
  5. Went onto Incognito mode and got through the checkout in seconds. Sunshine is secured!
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  6. My basket time ran out. I give up.
  7. Incognito mode just worked for me too. Got through it all in seconds. Got myself a Sunshine!
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  8. Listening to S Clubs Sunshine now, so far impressed with the quality of the pressing! I had feared that with 7 tracks per side it would sound a bit shit but so far so good!
  9. Picked up Sunshine at my local store’s opening today, it was the only title I wanted to grab, so happy!
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  10. I was quite impressed with the HMV I went to this morning (Merry Hill, Birmingham). I arrived about 10 minutes before the shop opened and a colleague came out with a sheet for me to mark which titles I wanted, she went back in, put them behind the till so all I then had to do was go to the till to collect and pay. I had a quick thumb through the 30% off section and nearly bought the Christine and the Queens boxset which would have been £10 but I left it in the end.
  11. Even for £10 the Chris boxset refuses to sell out, quite iconic.
  12. S Club 7 being UK delivery only

  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Got Lemonade and CTRL in the sale (and with my discount they were both practically half price). Opted for Debut out of the Bjorks, but they’re definitely the biggest sellers from this batch (sorry @Vasilios). There’s 4 S Clubs left if anyone was interested!!
  14. I had Sunshine in my basket, and then I thought, nah, I'm happy with just Angel today
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  15. Hmv site was always like this
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  16. Well I'm seeing it now, so I'm going to be annoyed about it now

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  17. I'm just saying don't take it personal - or think it's glitch that will change! They used to ship everywhere but after the relaunch it's been UK only.
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  18. Did I nip out of work to an 'appointment' to get Sunshine at 9am today.
    You bet I did. It looks glorious!

    Got my Dignity and Most Wanted preordered on Urban Outfitters too. One will be out before the other, so do they ship together or do they ship separately?
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  19. I think you get a choice of shopping together or separately, so depends on what you selected. Probably come separately.
  20. The way I’m like…considering asking one of y’all about Sunshine but like, the amount of money that that will require is more than I’m willing to pay for S Club 7 that isn’t Bring it All Back.
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