Vinyljustice 2.0

I’m honestly shocked that Sunshine is still available online. The site was a nightmare to get onto when it launched earlier and I was under the impression that it was super limited.
I completelyforgot it was the second RSD drop yesterday, but stopped by my local Rough Trade on the way to work and managed to pick up Beth Orton's "Central Reservation" and "Trailer Park".
Well I lucked out. The record store I buy my RSD titles online from mid priced the Nicki Minaj Beam Me Up Scotty release by almost $20 ($52 in store and it was $32 online), so got that in a steal.

Still waiting for a reasonably priced copy of Sunshine to show up on Discogs or ebay. Going to start looking into a UK forwarding service and see if it’s cheaper than the $100 the vinyl is going for.
Listening to S Clubs Sunshine now, so far impressed with the quality of the pressing! I had feared that with 7 tracks per side it would sound a bit shit but so far so good!

What about the quality of the jacket? Does the photo look crisp like they remastered it or just a scan?