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Grabbed Sunshine and two Björks in Fopp in Edinburgh today.

You’d think I’d be happy but now all I can think about is how I didn’t get Debut!!

Fopp guys claimed Debut hadn’t even been shipped out and no one had them yet. So I see that was clearly a lie!
New Tove Lo album, $45 for the blue, $30 standard. Deluxe looks gatefold and comes with poster, standard might be single sleeve, hard to tell. First 500 blue come with a signed poster but I think they’ve almost run out of they started with 3k in stock.

Hopefully something a bit better comes up for a more reasonable price so I can cancel this nn, but I got a deluxe Tove collection going and I’m not stopping now.
Speaking of Kiss, I was pleasantly surprised to see Tiny Little Bows on the vinyl, as the track listing doing the rounds before it’s release weirdly omitted it?!
I'm just relieved it was all fake.

I got my replacement KISS and the static going into track 1 on both sides is still present but not as bad as my first copy. Is it just a bad pressing overall?
It would be amazing if someone pressed Stacie Orrico’s second album. I’d snatch that up in a heart beat.
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Not me filling my cart in euphoria on Rough Trade only to realize it was the UK store as I tried to check out. Lost my whole cart and I'm pretty sure half of it was UK exclusives....