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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Thanks, I'll be ready
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  2. I must have great Pussy Control,

    As I got one
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  3. Grabbed Sunshine and two Björks in Fopp in Edinburgh today.

    You’d think I’d be happy but now all I can think about is how I didn’t get Debut!!

    Fopp guys claimed Debut hadn’t even been shipped out and no one had them yet. So I see that was clearly a lie!
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  4. New Tove Lo album, $45 for the blue, $30 standard. Deluxe looks gatefold and comes with poster, standard might be single sleeve, hard to tell. First 500 blue come with a signed poster but I think they’ve almost run out of they started with 3k in stock.

    Hopefully something a bit better comes up for a more reasonable price so I can cancel this nn, but I got a deluxe Tove collection going and I’m not stopping now.
  5. God I hate this timeline!
  6. Am I overlooking something or does Kiss not appear to have any indication of which side is A or B?
  7. I can't figure it out either aside from the engraving.
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  8. Speaking of Kiss, I was pleasantly surprised to see Tiny Little Bows on the vinyl, as the track listing doing the rounds before it’s release weirdly omitted it?!
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  9. I'm just relieved it was all fake.

    I got my replacement KISS and the static going into track 1 on both sides is still present but not as bad as my first copy. Is it just a bad pressing overall?
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  11. Me! Ha. I like the white vinyl best with the cover. Enjoy my copy, someone!
  12. I ordered this, and Amazon sent The White Room by David Bowie instead. Not bound for Mu Mu Land after all...
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  13. It would be amazing if someone pressed Stacie Orrico’s second album. I’d snatch that up in a heart beat.
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  14. Not me filling my cart in euphoria on Rough Trade only to realize it was the UK store as I tried to check out. Lost my whole cart and I'm pretty sure half of it was UK exclusives....
  15. I Could Be The One and Security on vinyl is the dream!!
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  16. “Most Wanted” pushed back again.
  17. Praying for Best of Hilary Duff for pre-order as well
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  18. As much as I’d love it, I HATE to finally have “Reach Out” on vinyl with that god awful rap. The solo version should have been pushed instead / included on it.
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