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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Disco (Extended Mixes) only £12.76 on amazon.. A steal!
  2. I have the exact opposite problem. May we can start a mutual support group.
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  3. How can one vinyl be delayed this many times!?
  4. The ones from Blackground Records store reading that
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  5. We have applied so you never know…
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  6. Some sale is going on on Bravado Germany. Gaga, Lana, Lorde, Madonna stuff among others. Worth checking it out if you didn't get them when they came out.
  7. Omg!
  8. Did anyone else get the Patsy Cline album from VMP? The cardboard sleeve it came in is ripped at the top and side seams…
  9. Their Customer Service is really good about replacements if you contact them.
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  10. Just had an email from Rough Trade that my two Jojo vinyls are ready to collect. Ordered them so long ago that I didn’t even realise I had!
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  11. Meshell Bitter vinyl finally arrived from Run Out Groove today and it is glorious.
    Great packaging too.

  12. Fletcher’s debut album is up for pre-order on her webstore. Standard Black and Cloudy Aqua w/Free Calendar included.

    Grabbed the Blue and will give the calendar to my friend who loves her, so win/win.
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  13. I wouldn't be familiar with Meshell if it wasn't for Ibeyi mentioning this album in their What's In My Bag? video. And since then it's become a favourite to unwind to, so I'll definitely be adding this to my collection

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  14. Amazon said they don’t know when to expect Ultimate and Red Aaliyah, has this been delayed again?
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  15. I don't get the delay, someone on twitter has had Ultimate since the end of April
  16. I did and mine’s fine, I’ve had a couple of dodgy country pressings from them but this one was actually perfect for me.
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  17. Has anyone else received their Scissor Sisters Magic Hour? I’m not impressed at all with the sound quality and wondering if it’s just my copy?

    Edit - Looking at Discog reviews, it seems everyone’s copies are shit. Very disappointing after waiting so long!
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  18. Not Amazon trying to out me to my entire building during Pride month no less! Seriously though, can't believe they sent it to me without any packaging!?
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  19. Recordstore have been a let down - the status of my order of MUNA's album (green vinyl & print) is still "Pending" and the estimated shipping is apparently in 7-10 days. Is anyone else here in the same boat?

    Oh my, it's bad enough when Amazon send a vinyl in just a paper bag, but no packaging at all is wild! Are you going to complain to them?
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  20. I just snagged the olive green MUNA vinyl for $20USD. A steal!
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