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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Oh my god
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  2. I know I should but I am such a lazy person. Maybe I will tonight as it does have a dinged corner...
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  3. Yes my recordstore order is still pending too, hopefully they haven’t over sold it. I’ve just received my Green vinyl order from Resident (with signed poster, not specified on the website), which was meant to be a gift, but needs must if RecordStore don’t come through.
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  4. Mine is coming tomorrow. I’ll be so disappointed if it’s delivered like this. The amount of times they’ve been told even by people in this thread.
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  5. With Amazon always mark records as a gift that way it will at least come in a box.

    Sometimes it does mean in a vinyl mailer inside a box and sometimes it means just the record in a massive box but it is better than no packaging at all, since doing it I haven’t had any issues.
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  6. Did anyone receive the "Billions" 7'' from Juno / Caroline's store? The release date was supposed to be June 17, but I guess everything's delayed these days.
  7. Rough Trade emailed earlier in the week to say it had been pushed back to 26th August.
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  8. I’ve had the same email and this is now the third time it has been delayed, moved or they cannot specify a date.

    I am also having the same issue with JoJo’s The High Road. Ordered on day one and now told they are out of stock. Having to now wait till mid-August.

    It is becoming a bit of joke with these vinyl releases and I am unsure whether to laugh or cry!
  9. This is a crime!! Give them some complains.
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  10. The way Amazon and Target deliver vinyl orders sometimes... appalling. I'll never forget when Target sent me my Chicks Gaslighter vinyl in a literal plastic shopping bag that was taped closed.
  11. I kid you not, the same thing happened to me with Target, except it was Gaslighter and a reissued copy of Linda Ronstadt's Get Closer. I'd never seen such a bizarre delivery, nor did I have any comprehension as to how either record survived the shipping process when they were loosely 'taped' together with one of those sticker handles they usually give you at the store to carry bulk items like toilet paper. It'd be one thing if it was made as a local delivery, but the tracking started several states over!
  12. Oh yeah same, I had a couple very minor corner dings. I was very surprised it wasn't in bits when I got it.
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  13. Well, as expected, Aaliyah is delayed again. So annoying as Amazon had marked it as out for delivery until like late this afternoon where it changed to unavailable. Must’ve been an automated thing.
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  14. Seems the Royal Mail have lost my green MUNA vinyl. Love that for me.
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  16. Me too xx
  17. Yep, €35 for Italy.
  18. I’ll wait for the inevitable UK site to open up in 39hrs time with zero notice.
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