Vinyljustice 2.0

This italian pressing that doesn't have the crop is a slay

My 15 and 10-year old nieces are visiting and we took them to the Minions popup at the Dolby Theater this week. They'd turned it into a HUGE Minions space, with a nightclub where the old Sweet! Hollywood candy store used to be and a "record store".

They were handing out vinyl of albums whose songs were featured in the soundtrack, so I was able to snag Phoebe Bridgers, H.E.R. and Bleachers for free...not a bad haul.
The way I left the tab open for that Fijacion Oral vinyl thinking I'd just buy it later....ugh.

Also, I'm really glad I got Hounds of Love recently before the Stranger Things hype because some of these prices on Discogs, phew.
Just got my olive MUNA which is more pesto in the end. I got a signed poster with it and the discogs notes say that was exclusive to roughtrade when I bought mine from norman, I won I guess
My green vinyl from Resident came with a signed poster too, and it wasn't stated on the original listing. Recordstore still not shipping their signed version though has me thinking they've gone elsewhere.