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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I re-ordered the Renaissance vinyl with the cheaper shipping and requested a refund for my original order. They processed it in a couple minutes.
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  2. Pay day.

    Bought shit.

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  4. Oh. I snatched that. Shipping was the same as the LP but I will cancel if it's listed elsewhere. WOW.
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  5. UK links coming before Monday.
  6. Not after I already figured this page out dd. It’s going to take an eternity to cancel, I can feel it
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  8. Preordered Kylie - cannot do any gambles when it comes down to her vinyl releases.
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  9. I don’t want any other alternate cover for the Reneissance vinyl - I need the official standard one!!
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  10. It looks like translucent orange to me (which is what I'm hoping for)
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  11. Yeah, I imagine the idea is to have it mimic the bottom color of the light effect that surrounds her. Ridiculous pricing aside, I snatched a copy on the off chance this doesn't become available elsewhere.
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  13. I ordered the alternate cover, no joke, about 25mins before she revealed that cover.

    The only thing I can hope for is that by “alternate” they mean it will be reflective or foil compared to a standard pressing.
  14. I think / hope the vinyl from her store has the normal and alternative to put on or something…
  15. I wonder if BMG will do retail exclusives for Impossible Princess… pink, turquoise and clear would go very well with that orange. I think hoping for a deluxe with the lenticular cover is too much unfortunately, but who knows what Monday will bring.
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  16. I doubt it, considering the Sainsburys exclusive white vinyl of her self-titled eventually became the common edition in all other record shops.
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