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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Seems a weird pick for VMP, where’d the initial rumour come from?
  2. Just had to search this thread as nothing came up when I checked Twitter but someone here posted about it November last year saying people on Twitter were saying it was happening.

    So nothing credible and I agree it seems an odd choice but stranger things have happened!
  3. According with the insider on Say Hey it’s going to be a wide release.
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  4. What's the point in not announcing anything for two months when we already know it exists? It's not Area 51.
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  5. Playing my Nicola vinyl right now and the quality is incredible!! Thank you @Dark Ballet you have done an amazing job!
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Are y'all getting shipping emails about Nicola? I'm just gonna be checking the mailroom at my apartment everyday then.
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  7. The integration between our e-commerce and distribution failed so I’m having to shipping notices manually.

    The orders have all be sent now and tracking should be sent separately so check junk mail. etc.
  8. It's so beautiful and I realised today it's the first GA-related album to get a vinyl pressing!

    Pressing plant delays again, probably?
  9. Or it could be part of a bigger thing. Impossible Princess does turn 25 next year. Maybe there's a whole new collection coming
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  10. I'm having such bad luck recently with vinyl. Receiving things in the post bent, damaged etc. when it's clearly marked as do not bend. I know it isn't a massive problem in the grand scheme of things but it does still irk me when something arrives, you open it and there's a bent corner.

  11. TOP TEN!!
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  12. What an achievement and so deserved. Congratulations to you and Nicola.
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  13. I popped into HMV today and they had S Club 7 - Sunshine, I snapped it up, I was gutted I missed out on this. Apparently they got an extra delivery last week.
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  15. Damn no remix of Running Up That Hill? Pass.
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  16. Bummed the Kate Bush Remix is not there, wish they did a bonus 7” like they did with Never Ending Story on Season 3.
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  17. I think they’re letting the original finish having it’s moment and then the remix will get the single treatment.

    That’s my theory.
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  18. If this is the score (sorry haven’t clicked on link) the coloured variant is through Lakeshore (US) or Invada (UK) and available to preorder
  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Nicola beating Machine Gun Kelly? You're doing the Lord's work!!!
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  20. Urban has an additional 40% off sale items so picking up a couple of vinyl and a cassette!

    Kesha Cannibal Expanded and Love For Sale vinyl for $11.99 and Billie’s album on cassette for $2.99.

    I found a dual deck at Goodwill this weekend so I will be starting my cassette collection.
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