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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. New CRJ up for preorder.

    The “Crystal Vin Rose” looks very pretty if they get it right but I fear it can easily go wrong and be a bad brown.
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  2. Not with that hair
  3. @Subwaykid @Subwaykid @Subwaykid
  4. Amazon UK has an translucent orange variant of the new Carly Rae Jepsen album

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  5. Oh this is the one teebs.
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  6. Amazon UK is doing the usual unavailable outside the UK that it seems to do for a few weeks before non-UK can start ordering.
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  7. Cause that worked so well for Adele’s 30…. Was being sold off for £12 or something last week.
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  8. Put this in the wrong thread first! But Amazon UK have Demi’s latest up with a photo of the red vinyl now:

    Could be a mistake or possibly an exclusive there rather than indie stores for us.
  9. These are all 15th Label Anniversary:
    *Caladium pink and green vinyl variant (this one says limited but it's available in many storefronts and US Amazon)
    *Lemon starburst Sacred Bones variant
    *Green with brown splatter Rough Trade variant
    *Green (a different green) with silver Newbury Comics variant

    I like the Concerto Exclusive variant (above) the most, but the Dutch record store wants €15 p&p to the UK for 1LP.
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  10. My local target has so many copies of ABBA's latest album I genuinely think they are going to have to give them away.
  11. party & play? nn - I think shipping to UK is a bit more expensive nowadays sorry!
  12. Does anyone know where to buy the renaissance vinyl (any version, except the collector)?

    i wanted to wait to hear the album before buying, but now it seems sold out everywhere and the prices on discogs are insane.
  13. There are only 2 versions - the Alt Cover (with curtain behind her), which was only available from her store and sold out before this week began, hence the high resale prices. This was a one off pressing.

    The only other version is the Collectors boxset, which whilst it's £60 on her store, is $30-45 on American retailers websites, and will eventually be added to UK retailers for a similar price range.

    I can't see her adding any other 'standard' format until after the Collectors release in October.
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  14. There are some on eBay which, while still more expensive than the original price, are much cheaper than Discogs. I snatched one for £60 yesterday after leaving it too late to buy from her store.

    I can only see prices going up from here so that’s probably the cheapest it’ll be!
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  15. Yeah I caved and managed to snatch a limited edition copy for £59.99 last night, there’s still one copy for that price, it’s not too bad since it was going for over £80 over the past few days, I justified it with the fact I want it now and it appears to be a one time pressing.
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  16. Do we think the Collectors release will include the original versions? I'd imagine they've already been sent for production
  17. I imagine they’ll use the same master plates as the limited edition one, the turnaround to get test pressings done etc takes a long time now, so I’m guessing it’s the box set materials itself that caused the additional wait time?
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  19. Most likely, since there’s currently a paper shortage nn. They probably won’t even begin thinking about pressing the updated version until these copies dry up.
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  20. Scan them hon. They’re on clearance at my store with a bunch of other titles for 7.98 or less. I finally picked up ABBA and Halsey’s last album because both were $6 on clearance.
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